Erotic Photography

Nude photos and bondage pics?

Get ready for your close-up

No sooner does humanity make a new technological innovation than it starts trying to figure out how to use it for sex--and digital photography was no different. In this brave new world where the camera in your jeans pocket is better than any your great-grandparents could have imagined, amateur and erotic photography are practically ubiquitous. It can be an excellent way to explore fetishes, to share intimate moments with people you can't be physically near, and to store away naughty memories to stir you up when you revisit them later.

It's worth giving some thought to who has access to your nude photographies and to where they end up. At the click of a button they can be broadcasted all over the world - so make sure you trust the people who are in charge of those buttons!

Is erotic photography really art?

Not everyone agrees, since pornography and erotica are always hot debate topics when censorship is discussed - calling in the infamous question, ‘What is art?’ Some people consider erotic photography just expensive dick pics, whereas others view them, with a more appreciative eye.

Amateur bondage pics you take at home (or by going to a professional) are great way to explore your kinks and for many a way to learn to love their bodies. Erotic photography can be a powerful tool in building self esteem for those with past trauma or body worries. Erotic and BDSM photography can also be a great way to fulfil your exhibitionist and voyeuristic kinks!

How do I take erotic photos for my partner?

There’s more to taking a sexy photo than just pointing a camera (or phone) at your naughty bits. Maybe have a look around online for photos you think look sexy. Then have a go at copying the poses. Make use of the self-timer on your camera/phone and think about angles. You can take as many photos as you like and just pick and choose the ones you think are the sexiest.

Is it safe to do erotic photography?

If you find a reputable photographer then it is perfectly safe. Someone who knows about consent and boundaries and will let you lead the session. You can find a good photographer by asking round for recommendations from other kinky friends. Look out for red flags, if they push your limits before even meeting you (so are encouraging you to go full nude when you only want to do partial nudity for example) or can’t provide positive reviews. If they ask too many intimate questions or insist you go on your own/meet them in a hotel etc then these are all warnings that the photographer is not legit. You should always be able to take a person with you and have complete control over what you will and won’t do.

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