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Lap dancing is usually thought of as being a pretty vanilla pursuit, but there are plenty of fetishists who enjoy it as much as anyone else! It can actually be a fantastic act of service from a submissive partner to their dominant, or a fun way to get everyone going at a kink club or a fetish party. Fetish wear adds a certain frisson to the experience, and heavy use of kneeling, bowing and other inherently submissive moves can really add something to the experience. Couples who try out a little lap dancing often say it turns out to be a surprisingly intimate experience - so why not give it a go?

What is a lap dance?

Any dance where the dancer is close to the person watching. This can sometimes involve touching from the dancer but usually the person watching keeps their hands to themselves. Professional lap dancers have to follow the various legal rules of where the club is located.

How do I give a lap dance?

Be prepared. Pick out a good sturdy chair for your partner to sit in. choose a sexy outfit. If you’re going to add an element of striptease make sure it’s easy to take off, if you’re not, think about how the clothes will feel on and how they’ll move. You don’t want anything getting in the way!

Be confident, practice your moves and get as close as you can to your partner. You can sit in their lap and wrap your legs around their waist and grind to your hearts content. Kiss, or nearly kiss, stroke your hands down your body, stroking your curves. And remember eye contact. Look at your partner and sometimes look down at your own body. Most of all, make sure it’s fun for you both.

My dominant wants a lap dance, how can I do that submissively?

Think about what you’re going to wear first. Maybe it can be an outfit you wear during your scenes. You could wrap yourself in chains or rope if that appeals too. Try wearing nipple clamps or pussy clamps for the duration of the dance. The climax can be you removing them. When you’re moving, think about submissive poses. Can you kneel in front of your Dom? Keep your gaze lowered? Offer up your bottom for a spank? Maybe press your chest out, so they can twist your nipples. There are lots of ways to incorporate BDSM into a lap dance.

Can I touch someone lap dancing for me?

There is no specific rule about this. If you’re in a club, check the rules. If you’re having fun with friends at a fetish or swingers club, ask the person dancing what is allowed, preferably before the lap dance commences. And if your partner is giving the lap dance, ask them or follow their lead. Never touch without consent.

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