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There's no denying that the internet has revolutionised porn. Where once you needed outside assistance if you wanted to get your homemade images and videos out there, now you can do it entirely alone - and there are plenty of people who find that they prefer seeking out and watching amateur porn to buying more polished and pricey professional examples of the genre. Anyone with a smartphone can release their own content, so if it interests you - what are you waiting for? Just remember: the internet remembers and stores things forever, and there's no way of guaranteeing that your friends and family won't come across what you publish there.

What is an amateur video?

A large amount of the porn you see on the internet is professionally shot using actors and professional cameras. Amateur porn is shot by people who aren’t professional porn stars, often just using their phone or a domestic video camera.

Why watch amateur videos?

Quite often amateur porn captures a more realistic view of sex, than the very scripted action and dialogue of professionally shot porn. It’s good to see people like you having sex and enjoying it.

Can I upload porn I’ve recorded onto the internet?

Yes, you can, easily so. However, make sure you have the consent of all people in the video before uploading it. You could end up being prosecuted if you do not. Also remember that once something is out on the internet, it can be found forever, even if you chose to remove it at a later date. Even in this, it’s good to practise Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Weigh up all the risks before uploading your porn onto the internet, anyone could see it.

What BDSM activities are illegal to show in amateur videos?

There was an amendment to the 2003 communications act that requires online porn to adhere to the same guidelines set out by the BBFC for DVD films. This bans caning, aggressive whipping, penetration by any object "associated with violence", physical or verbal abuse, water sports, role-playing as non-adults, physical restraint, humiliation, female ejaculation, strangulation, facesitting and fisting from porn uploaded in the UK. Although it isn’t all straightforward. It’s best to check the rules of the internet site you’re uploading your amateur video too before going ahead and risking prosecution.

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