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Pretty much everyone has some kind of clothing that they're turned on by, whether when worn by them or when worn by someone else. For a lot of people that clothing is a little risque: maid-style outfits, or pleated schoolgirl skirts, or stockings and suspenders. For some it's a whole other fetish in its own right, such as PVC corset and latex catsuits. Whatever your preference, there will be something out there that turns you on - so get shopping! Our magazine section has plenty of articles on how to find clothes you love, even in sizes that are sometimes difficult to track down or styles that aren't always super common.

What is fetish wear?

There is no definitive fetish outfit, in fact there are many. Latex, leather, lace and silk often feature. Outfits that reveal as much as they cover, clothing with inbuilt restraints and other kinky extras like hoods and masks all count as fetish wear. It’s what makes you feel sexy, kinky and confident

Am I too big for fetish wear?

No, not at all. Many companies produce plus size clothing in all kinds of materials and kinky looks. It might take a bit of research (sadly there is still far less kink clothing in bigger sizes than there should be) but you can wear whatever you want to enjoy your kinks and fetish, no matter your size. Flaunt your beauty.

Will I be let in to a BDSM club if I wear normal clothes?

Most BDSM clubs will have a changing area for you to get into your kinky clothes, it’s perfectly fine to turn up in your everyday clothes. You might be asked to show the outfit you’re changing into to someone on the door if there is a strict dress code but there’s no problem with dressing vanilla for your trip to and from the club.

Is fetish wear always expensive?

Some items are really very expensive because of the materials needed or because of the time taken to create them. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can start by purchasing one item that you can match with existing clothes to keep costs down. Maybe a latex vest or a leather waistcoat. You could get a lovely robe to wear over existing underwear. It’s good to have items that you can mix and match with other things in your wardrobe to keep your look changing.

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    Wet look clothing is a staple of alternative scenes for a reason. It's versatile, and goes with a wide range of alt styles; goths, punks, hipsters and kinksters alike can all work wet-look material into their wardrobe without seeming out of place. It's relatively inexpensive but appears to be an outfit that has had some effort put into it, meaning that it's a great way to get the look you're after when you're on a budget. Some fetishists like it for more reasons than simply those, of course! It's usually thin, smooth and form-fitting, meaning that it's a wonderful way to show off a figure or heighten the sensation of being touched.
    Latex is a flexible, flattering and versatile material used in all kinds of ways in the kink community. It's great for costumes of all shapes and sizes, latex dresses and latex catsuits are popular examples, and it's also a fantastic material for all kinds of toys and bondage gear. Bear in mind though that it does need some looking after; you need to be careful to only use water-based lubricants with your latex gear, and to rub your latex clothes dry with talcum powder after wiping them clean with some slightly soapy water. Pretty much any item of clothing has a latex counterpart, from stockings to hair accessories, so with a little shopping around you're bound to find something that suits you.
    While PVC and latex are often lumped in with each other, there are some fetishists and kinksters who have a clear preference for one over the other. The two materials can look and feel different, though both have similar applications in terms of clothing and accessories (not to mention bedsheets and other kinky apparatuses!). PVC is often cheaper than latex, making it a great choice for someone just starting out with fetish wear. Check out our magazine section for some ideas on how to make kink clothing work for you and where to find outfits a little off the beaten track.