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Don’t you think that fur feels fantastic? That’s why it has been used to make coats and other clothing for as long as humans have been wearing clothes. Some people though really, really love the feel of fur so much that it becomes their fetish! Soft, sensual and warm, fur fills many fantasies, who hasn’t dreamed of being naked in front of a roaring log fire lying on a fur rug with a lover? If this sounds like your kink, you might just have a fur fetish! Read on to find out more and connect with others who love fur too.

What is fur fetish?

Fur fetish is where a person is sexually attracted to fur, often when worn by another person, but they can be attracted fur on its own. It can be a kind of clothing fetish when it involves items of clothing being worn by someone else, often a dominatrix but this isn’t always the case. Some people enjoy seeing fur ripped, burned or destroyed, others just like to see people stroking the fur, lying on it, wearing it or even having sex with or on top of furs.

Is fur fetish something to do with furries?

No, as with other fetishes sometimes they overlap but fur fetish and furry fetish are different things. Fur fetish concentrates on the fur, furry fetish is all about dressing up and role playing as animals. Just because the names sound the same doesn’t mean they are.

I have a fur fetish is that okay?

Yes, of course it’s okay. If you’re having fun and enjoying your fur fetish it’s great. We love fetishes here at Fetish.com. If you’re worried or concerned about your fur fetish at all then you should contact a medical professional.

Is fur fetish cruel to animals?

The use of real fur can be seen as cruel. If you have a fur fetish you could maybe try using synthetic fur, but if that doesn’t work there are ethical ways to source furs, including buying vintage furs where the animals were killed a very long time ago.

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