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Leggings have been the butt of jokes for decades, (pun not intended) given the view that they're the trouser choice for those who can't be bothered. Because they're stretchy and tight, they don't leave much to the imagination and often made of shiny fabric that feels nice against the skin, no wonder people develop a fetish for these leg-enhancing pants! They're easily accessible and relatively cheap. Leggings are a handy item of clothing that anyone can wear at any time.

What is a leggings fetish?  

Leggings fetish is when leggings turn a person on. Either by wearing them themselves or by seeing them on someone else. It has to be the leggings specifically that turns the person on for it to be a leggings fetish as opposed to a leg fetish or lycra fetish for example.

Do I have a leggings fetish?

Only you can know for sure but to have a legging fetish, you need to be turned on by leggings themselves, not just enjoy tight clothed on hot humans!

How do I deal with my leggings fetish?

When your fetish concentrates on something that is so very easy to see in day to day life, you can find yourself in awkward situations. If you have a leggings fetish and see someone in leggings and it arouses you, well this is just like anyone seeing a person they fancy when out and about. It only becomes a problem if you're going to places where you expect to see people in leggings with the express purpose of getting turned on if those people don't know, for example, gyms and yoga classes. It's never okay to involve people in your kink when they haven't consented to it. Keep your leggings fetish to consensual interactions, and it's all good!

I'm a man who loves to wear leggings, is that OK?

Of course! Toxic masculinity claims that men can't wear certain clothing, but that is just an opinion. Clothes are clothes, and if you like them, you should wear and enjoy them. Any human can wear leggings and look good in them too!

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