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While PVC and latex are often lumped in with each other, there are some fetishists and kinksters who have a clear preference for one over the other. The two materials can look and feel different, though both have similar applications in terms of clothing and accessories (not to mention bedsheets and other kinky apparatuses!).

PVC is often cheaper than latex, making it a great choice for someone just starting out with fetish wear. Check out our magazine section for some ideas on how to make kink clothing work for you and where to find outfits a little off the beaten track.

Is PVC the same as Latex?  

No, latex is a natural substance and PVC is a type of plastic.

I have a latex allergy, can I wear PVC?

You certainly can, PVC is a manmade plastic and so won’t trigger your allergy, so you can wear PVC fetish wear with no worries at all. Get your shiny on!

How do I choose the right PVC outfit for me?

PVC is made to be figure hugging so be sure to get the tight size for you. If you’re ordering online, make sure you get actual clothing measurements before ordering, often you can email someone for details if needed. If you’re just trying out PVC fetish wear try a smaller item you can match with other clothes to make up an outfit such as a skirt or top then if you love it, you can look for more PVC!

Does PVC need shining?

Unlike latex, PVC keeps its natural shine without any need for shining at all. You want to be careful not to stretch it, as this can damage the surface but otherwise PVC fetish clothing doesn’t need any specialist treatment. Just follow the manufacturers care instructions.

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