Basque, teddy or a corset?

Cinch that waist!

The corset has been around since at least the sixteenth century, and in that time it's changed a great deal. While once whale bones were all the rage, these days the best corset makers use sprung steel, which is both more effective and less dangerous! Most people don't find corsets suitable for everyday wear, but on special occasions, they can both look and feel fantastic. Bondage fans enjoy the sense of restriction, and plenty of people think they look fabulous as well. These days corsets are a common part of kink wear and fetish clothing as well as of the goth style, and used responsibly they're a fantastic way of jazzing up your outfit a bit.

What is a corset?  

An item of shape-wear created to cinch in the waist. Corsets have been popular for centuries and have been used to emphasise the bust and bottom by giving an hourglass shape.

How do you use a corset for waist training?

Waist training simply involves wearing a corset (it needs to be made-to-measure for this to work) for a certain amount of time each day, every day to make it so the person can wear smaller and smaller ones. It is a long process and will only decrease the waist size by a few inches at most. It’s only a semi-permanent effect as if you stop waist training, the waist will return to its normal size.

What is tight lacing?

Tight lacing is exactly what it sounds like, it’s wearing a corset really tightly. This can take 4 inches off your waist or up to a 20% reduction of overall waist size.

How long is it safe to keep a corset on?

Corsets are safe to wear for long periods of time, but they can do permanent damage if you wear them tightly laced over many days and months. It is advised not to wear a tightly laced corset when you’re eating a meal as your stomach will expand and will be really uncomfortable. Corset wearing can affect lung capacity too, so loosen your corset when you do any strenuous exercise!

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