High Heel Fetish

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For all high heel and feet fans

High heels have long been held as some of the very sexiest footwear you can own and wear. Stilettos are often the style that jumps to mind when thinking high heels, with their thin, tall heel but there are all kinds of high heels including platforms and wedges. High heel fetish is one that is very common and lots of people know about it. It can be very much connected with foot fetish but it varies from person to person. Some guys just love the shoes themselves, some like to wear them and others love to see other people’s feet inside them

What is a high heel fetish? 

When you are sexually aroused by an object or a specific part of a person’s body this is known as a fetish. If you really get turned on by high heels, by wearing them, looking at them or seeing someone else where them you could well have a high heel fetish.

I have a high heel fetish, is it normal?

If you are happy with your fetish, then it’s perfectly fine to indulge and enjoy a little extra spice in your sex life. If it is causing you problems, if there’s arguments with your partner about it or you feel guilty about your fantasies then it’s advisable to consult a medical professional. As long as you’re having safe, sane consensual fun then it’s all good.

Is it safe to fuck yourself with high heels?

The simple answer is no. Worn shoes have all kinds of dirt on them, and even if wrapped in a condom, it can rip. There’s always an end on a heel that can come loose and what if it breaks inside of you? It’s really not advisable. However, you can get shoes with dildo heels made for this particular fetish. So if you really want to fuck a high heel get one that is made for the job.

How do you walk in high heels?

Carefully. All joking aside, walking in heels demands you make smaller steps and walk putting the heel down first. It’s good to wear shoes around the house first to break them in. Keep practicing and maybe start with a shorter heel then work up to longer ones.

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