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Fully fashioned real silk stockings have an undeniable elegance to them, but they're not the only way of cladding your legs in style. Through the 30s and 40s, nylon was what you wanted. It was more practical, easier to wear and longer-lasting than its traditional woven counterpart. These days, few people wear proper stockings at all; tights, leggings and hold-ups are more common by far. For those with a big nylon fetish, however, they're irreplaceable, they're sexy, they're practical, and they're a great addition to almost any kinky outfit. Nylons are a gloriously versatile choice, and they're affordable to boot!

What is nylon fetish?

Nylon fetish is a sexual arousal connected to wearing nylons or pantyhose. It can be viewing someone else in them or wearing them yourself. Also some people enjoy seeing them being ripped or getting wet or making them dirty.

Why do I have this nylon fetish?

There are lots of reasons people form fetishes, it could be because of a connection between someone you once really were attracted too and the fact they wore nylons. The attraction then sticks to that item of clothing. However, it could be anything and really, does it matter as long as you’re having fun?

I like to see nylons ripped, is that still a nylon fetish?

If it turns you on, then yes it is. It doesn’t matter what you do to the nylons, it’s if it turns you on that makes it a fetish.

How do I tell my partner about my nylon fetish?

It’s always good to be honest about these things. It might be good to bring up the subject at a time when you’re not doing sexy stuff so you can discuss it with a clear head. Just explain what you like about nylons and make sure to listen to your partner’s opinions and questions. Open conversations are the best.

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    Stockings are often associate with sexy outfits, in fact they are sexy even when you’re wearing nothing else. Some people find them endlessly fascinating. Fishnets or seamed, hold ups or not, stocking fetishists enjoy many aspects of stocking wearing. The look of stockings held up with a suspender belt under a short skirt for example is something that many people with a stocking fetish love. Some combine the love with other fetishes such as latex and rubber, because not all stockings are nylon. Whatever they’re made of though, someone is bound to appreciate them. Wearing or looking at someone else wearing stockings can be very sexually arousing.
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