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Spandex fetishists don't get a great deal of press. Spandex, after all, is entirely form-fitting and it can heighten sensation when parts of your body are stroked and caressed through it. It's also flexible, versatile, easy to make things out of, widely available and much more affordable than leather or rubber can be. What's more, it plays nicely into some other potential fantasies; the energetic gym-goer, or the strict personal trainer. If spandex is your thing, you're in luck; the possibilities are endless, and far more accessible than many of the other clothing kink counterparts!

What is spandex?

It is a stretchy polyurethane fabric also known as lycra or elastane that was created in 1958 by a chemist called Joseph Shivers.

What is spandex fetish?

Spandex is a shiny, formfitting material worn often by dancers, swimmers, wrestlers, cyclists, and all kinds of performers including contortionists. It’s a very tight fitting, soft, silky material which makes it really tactile and fun to touch. How the material feels and looks and who wears it combine together to make a spandex fetish.

I have a spandex fetish, is that normal?

It is! Spandex is shiny, form fitting and feels silky smooth, what’s not to like? Just remember that not everyone wearing it shares your spandex fetish, make sure you get consent before staring at someone wearing your favourite fabric.

Where can I find someone with a spandex fetish?

You're in the right place! Find kinksters with a spandex fetish on Check out member profiles who have added spandex fetish to their list of kinks and fetishes, you can also search for personal ads for others who love spandex and you can even start a post in the fetish forum to find others and chat about what you love about spandex. The choice is yours!

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