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Underwear fetish covers all people who love underwear for all different reasons. Guys who love to wear panties or stockings, at home or under their uniform. People who love to see other’s in gorgeous bra and knicker sets, chemises or corsets and those who want to watch them take it off. It also covers the people who love used panties, ripped pantyhose or just thongs. If you like to look or you like to wear, it’s all captured under this same umbrella term. However you love underwear, if it gets you hot, you might just have an underwear fetish. You can find others with an underwear fetish here on fetish.com

What is underwear fetish?

If you become aroused by underwear – whether wearing it or seeing someone else wear it or just seeing it lying there in the laundry, then you have an underwear fetish. It doesn’t matter if it’s one particular piece of underwear you really love or you like it all. It all counts.

My boyfriend likes wearing women’s underwear, is he gay?

Not necessarily. Wearing women’s underwear as a guy doesn’t mean anything other than they like the way it feels. The best thing to do is to ask all your questions directly to your partner. Only they can tell you the definitive answer.

Is it okay to sniff someone’s used panties?

Only if you’ve got their permission as consent is really, really important. It might be a fun fantasy to think about sniffing a stranger’s used underwear but some things are best as just fantasy. However you can try stuff out with a consenting partner, that’s the best way to make a fantasy come true.

I love sexy lingerie, is it a fetish?

It might be or you might just really like lingerie. If the lingerie itself turns you on, you’re likely to have an underwear fetish and that’s okay.

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