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Are socks sexy? Knee high, sports, ankle, plain white or bright patterns, socks are often seen as just a boring practicality but some people are really turned on by socks. Some people enjoy specific kinds of socks, plain white cotton ones that go with a school uniform or brightly coloured knee highs. Some people enjoy the smell and look of worn socks.

Sock fetishists might be turned on by wearing socks or seeing someone else wear them. It’s often called sock worship when someone enjoys watching someone else wear socks. Sometimes the turn on might just be the socks themselves regardless of whether they’re being worn or not. The key factor in any sock fetish is, unsurprisingly really, the socks

 What is sock fetish?

If a person gets sexually aroused by socks, worn by someone or not, then they have sock fetish. The key feature is that it’s the socks that turn the person on, not the situation or who is wearing the socks. They can be dirty or clean, long or short, worn by the sock fetishist or someone else. It depends on their personal fetish.

How to tell a partner you have a sock fetish?

The advice is the same no matter who you are telling. Be honest about it. However, you don’t necessarily have to use the word fetish. We kinksters are pretty open and at we love fetishes but some people still have a negative image of fetishes. So when you’re bringing up how much you love socks, just tell them it turns you on to see them wearing certain socks or getting a footjob wearing socks or how you’d like to indulge in some sock worship when they’re wearing socks. You don’t need to use the word fetish if you don’t think it’ll go down well.

If you love socks, do you have a sock fetish?

To make it a fetish, you need to be sexually attracted to socks not just really, really love to wear them.

What is sock worship?

Sock worship is similar to the act of foot worship in foot fetish. In that the person lavishes attention and affection on a person’s feet but in sock worship the person, often a Dom(me), wears socks.

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