Belt Fetish

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For kinksters with a fetish for belts

A belt is something that is often taken for granted. It’s a binding the holds up trousers and skirts and is often very functional in looks. However, if you have a belt fetish this common item of clothing is a real turn on!

Seeing it wrapped around a sexy waist, cinched tight or left loose gets some people going. Some enjoy seeing a belt stretched between two hands, taut and ready to be used as a restraint or maybe to give a spanking. Others are more interested in the noise a belt makes when removed or the sound it makes when striking flesh. Belts are far more exciting than you might first think, especially if you’ve got a belt fetish.

 What is a belt fetish?

People with a belt fetish enjoy different aspects of the belt but all find belts a big turn on. Whether they’re cinched tightly round a waist, gripped between stern hands of looped around a neck it’s all about the belt.

How do you use a belt for spanking?

Many kinksters love the feel of a belt across the bum, not just those with a belt fetish. However if you’re going to use your belt to spank with you need to be aware of some safety issues. Make sure that you keep the buckle away from the flesh when spanking, it could cause a lot of damage. Make sure you start light and build up, a belt can leave substantial welts, be sure your bottom likes that before hitting hard. It’s best to double the belt up in your hand, holding the loose ends, then slapping with the looped end. It makes a great sound too!

Can you use a belt as a restraint?

Yes you can! This is especially arousing for anyone with a belt fetish! Slip it around your sub’s wrists and pull tight and if you’re really mean wrap it around something like a bannister spindle or a bar on your bedhead so they can’t escape. But remember not to tighten it too far, check you can fit a finger between the belt and their skin to avoid cutting off circulation.

Is it safe to choke someone with a belt?

No. Choking as any kind of breath play isn’t safe at all. However, there are ways to do it if you are risk aware and experienced in BDSM. This is not something to try unless you know what you’re doing. Do your research and if possible watch someone else demonstrate it for you first at your local sex club or BDSM dungeon.

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