Building a business from the ground up is tough but doing it in the not-so-mainstream kink and BDSM communities takes more than just confidence and strategy. You got to have the goods! presents ten of our favourite Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK, so, whether it’s an erotic photographer or a fetish disciplinarian, these kinkstasic business owners will bring out the naughty entrepreneur in you in a flash!


Twisted Pix Photography Stitched Woman - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Twisted Pix Photography - Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

It’s not easy being a small business owner but this kinky couple has done it with a balance of debauchery and class. Bekah and Shaun at Twisted Pix Photography turned their passion for BDSM art into a business of which any kinkster would be proud. They meticulously and professionally craft their projects from conception to completion while bringing their clients’ erotic photography dream to life.

On top of producing some the highest quality BDSM art, boudoir photography, and fetish fashion, Twisted Pix has pushed the boundaries of society’s idea of beauty with their recent project “The Perfectly Imperfect Project”. And, coupled with the recent launch of their own photographic studio in the West Midlands, our advice is to visit their website to keep up with these kinky and busy business owners.

fetishlocationicon.png West Midlands, UK - Erotic Art, BDSM photography, and More!


Kay Jaybee Naughty Teacher - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Kay Jaybee - Explore the Kinky Mind of An Erotica Writer 

Obviously, you need to have passion when writing erotica, but Kay Jaybee’s personal collection of naughty novels, sexy short stories, and erotic art shows her passion turned obsession. As fans of her writing, we knew exploring her treasure trove of kinky fiction would give any kinkster a rise.

Kay’s business has been a ten-year project, and she’s been dubbed “the Queen of BDSM” for a reason. Find out why by catching up with her most recent erotic novel about a conflicted dominatrix in “The Fifth Floor”. Kay’s writing is more than BDSM art; it’s a window into her fun and kinky world.

fetishlocationicon.png London, UK - Boudoir Photography, Kinky Small Businesses, and More!


Fetasia Latex Bumble Bee Costume - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Fetasia Latex - Latex Fashion Made With Passion

Fetasia Latex is the go-to small business when a kinky party is around the corner or you’re preparing for your next Boudoir photography shoot. This Leeds-based business makes some of the highest quality, handcrafted latex fashion in the UK and has been seen at parties and on models all over. Founders Dix and Leafie have a passion for latex fashion and want to share their erotic art with kinksters all over the UK.

For proof of just how their designs truly represent BDSM art and stand out in any erotic photography portfolio, visit their website and explore their online shop and gallery.

fetishlocationicon.png West Yorkshire, UK - BDSM Art, Boudoir Photography, and More!


Renee Robyn Photography - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Renee Robyn Photography - Challenging Your Perception of Reality

To understand this awesomely kinky small business owner, you have to appreciate the duality of things. Renee Robyn is someone who revels in contrast in both her work and personal life. She started off her career in fetish as a model and eventually moved to the other side of the lens and has grown a small business to a world-renowned brand. Her BDSM photography blurs the line between fact and fiction and brings its audience into a fantastic world of erotic art.

Although she is constantly on the move doing shoots and giving teaching workshops, Renee  makes herself available to fans and those wishing to book her services. Visit her website for more information and browse her vast collection of impressive erotic photography.

fetishlocationicon.png London, UK - BDSM Art, Erotic photography, and More!


Miss Kendal Disciplinarian - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Miss Kendal - Discipline Served With a Side of Class

You’ve been naughty and need to be put back in line. Well, Miss Kendal is happy to give you a stern reminder why she’s not your average Mistress or Dominatrix. She’s a trained Domestic Disciplinarian with the elegance and authority of an English-style BDSM dominant.

This kinky business owner’s niche fetish service is based in purposefully unique role play sessions that intensely focus on the traditional elements of the BDSM art of corporal punishment. You’ll spend hours drooling over her erotic photography and personal stories but you’ll need to book quickly to reserve your playtime. Miss Kendal’s new playspace has her naughty clientele filling her schedule up fast!

fetishlocationicon.png Merseyside, UK - BDSM Dating, Boudoir Photography and More!


Rachel May Fetish Webmistress Portrait - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Rachel May - The Kinky Professional for Professional Kinksters

Flexing your kinky muscles at parties and events is fun, but for some, it’s a way of making a living. BDSM organisations and small businesses need the proper tools to build their kinky brands and Rachel May, the Fetish Webmistress, is offering her professional skills to helping do just that.

Rachel May has been creating graphic designs for blogs, boudoir photography, and BDSM art for fetish companies for years. Her special touch and extensive experience are highly valuable, and if you want to jumpstart your fetish brand, she’s the guide you need down that kinky road.

fetishlocationicon.pngLondon, UK - Erotic Photography, BDSM Art, and More!


Mistress Chatterley Dungeon Domme - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Artists in the UK

Mistress Chatterley - Spanking You Into Submission

Professionalism is important when running a small business but in the world of domination, it’s a requirement. Mistress Chatterley exemplifies professionalism, and her expertise in the BDSM art of discipline makes her highly sought after in the London scene.

Not only does this kinky business owner dish out a deviously delicious experience, she also has some wonderful erotic photography for kinksters to fantasize over. From cruel ball torture to sensual guidance, Mistress Chatterley has the skills to pay the bills.

fetishlocationicon.pngLondon, UK - Boudoir Photography, BDSM Art, and More!


Mistress Eve Classy Domme - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Mistress Eve - Sensual Domination At Its Finest

Sophistication and sensuality come to mind when describing our next successful kinky business owner. As one of the most established London Femdoms, Mistress Eve has been leaving her mark for years as a dominant, boudoir art model, and sexual goddess! Spend just a moment with her, and you’ll see ample reasons and robust examples as to why she is so popular.

Eve’s care and attention match with your desires whether you’re a novice or experienced player.  Experience the warm-hearted openness of this beautiful boss with access to her personal blog and the invitation to her private London Chambers in Earl’s Court (which is a piece of erotic art in its own right).

fetishlocationicon.pngLondon, UK - Boudoir Photography, BDSM Art, and More!


Nina Russ Bound - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Nina Russ - Mastering the Ancient Erotic Art in a Modern World

Few fetishes bring together art and kink the way that shibari does, and Nina Russ is truly a master artist that excels in her craft. The ancient erotic art is based on discipline, efficiency and effectiveness but Nina refined her sensual style in focused confidence after beginning her journey as a student some years ago.

Nina ventured on a path training under the best-known shibari masters in Europe. Along the way, she’s accumulated a magnificent collection of BDSM art, erotic photography, and skills. Nina can be booked for lessons, seminars, and performances all over the world. Just one warning: if you’re lucky enough to witness a performance, your passion for this fetish might be bound for good.

fetishlocationicon.pngLondon, UK - Boudoir Photography, BDSM Art, and More!


Pandora Blake BDSM Teacher - Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK

Pandora Blake - Fight For Your Right to be Kinky!

Wrapping up our list of spectacular Erotic Art and Alternative Businesses is a businessperson who hardly needs an introduction. Pandora Blake has been showing people who’s boss by standing up for gender equality, sex workers’ rights, and BDSM inclusion for years. Pandora’s films and erotic art can be found throughout Europe as she flaunts a huge fanbase and Twitter following of passionate kinksters.

Pandora Blake is not only known for her fetish art, but also is an experienced public speaker and blogger. They’re the owner of a kinktastic new and re-launched project called the Dreams of Spanking which depicts authentic spanking scenes through film, audio stories and erotic photography. Who says education and punishment don’t go hand in hand?

fetishlocationicon.pngLondon, UK - Boudoir Photography, BDSM Art, and More!





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