When this kinky, latex bodysuit loving Fetish.com member got the chance to live out of his latex wrestling fantasy, the superhero roleplay ending up taking an unexpected turn and he got the surprise of his life.


Latex wrestling never really crossed my mind, but I've always enjoyed the feeling of rubber and leather on my skin. My favourite activity is to make love to a partner when we’re both wearing full rubber suits with our nipples and genitals exposed.

The feeling of latex on my skin is very warm and enclosing, and the fact that only my genitals are exposed to the air gives me a sense of vulnerability, which makes me feel incredibly horny. As this is a niche fetish, it’s very difficult to find a partner who shares it.

One reason is that a latex bodysuit isn’t cheap, and it takes someone with a substantial disposable income to buy one. Another reason is that it’s quite an extreme rubber fetish, even for those people who are into that kind of thing.


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We could be heroes

I had been using Fetish.com for a few months when I first came into contact with Ruth. From her pictures, she looked like a true goddess. She had long, blonde hair and a very shapely body that was accentuated by the latex bodysuit that she was wearing.

She looked like a heroine from a science fiction film, and it was one of Ruth’s fetishes to dress up like a female superhero and ‘wrestle’ with a super villain, similarly attired in a latex bodysuit. This was a role that I was very willing to play, and I contracted Ruth straight away.

I was amazed to get a very quick response from her and found out that she only lived a few miles away from where I was. We quickly agreed to meet that very night.


Woman sitting on a chair in a latex bodysuit
A latex bodysuit fetish play date


Latex bodysuit bonanza

Ruth’s house was incredibly large with its own swimming pool and tennis court. After a glass of wine in the kitchen, she grabbed me by the shirt and told me that it was time for some latex fun - latex wrestling still wasn't mentioned yet.

She tossed me a latex vest and a pair of crotchless latex pants and told me to get changed while she got ready. I left my clothes on the kitchen floor and squeezed into the outfit. When Ruth returned, she looked stunning. She was wearing a blue latex bodysuit with a superhero mask.

Minutes later, we were latex wrestling together on Ruth’s large bed in her bedroom upstairs. She had just got me in a headlock with her muscular thighs when I heard a noise in the corner of the room.


Video nasty

Ruth looked nervous when I asked her what it was, and she said that it was nothing. However, as I looked towards the corner of the room, I could see a finger sticking out of her wardrobe, which then quickly disappeared.

I jumped from the bed and opened the wardrobe to find Ruth’s husband, naked, filming the whole scene on his video camera. I ran downstairs and bolted for the door, picking up my clothes as I went.

Luckily, I‘ve never seen our superhero latex wrestling footage on the internet. I guess that I had a fortunate escape!

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Do you also enjoy wearing a latex bodysuit? Have you had a fetish date gone wrong? Share your thoughts and experience in the Fetish.com forum.
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