About me:
21 years old, 169cm tall, 48kg. I have a relatively soft ENFP personality, enjoy sharing and communicating, and can be affectionate and clingy. Currently studying in university, I have a bit of a bratty side, enjoying teasing and playful banter, but I'm not unreasonable, and my usual demeanor is quite calm and not too boisterous. My interests are broad, I can't resist small s, and I'm especially fond of music and movies. I played in a band in high school and college as a keyboardist and drummer, I also enjoy writing stories and anything free-spirited and romantic. I'm willing to explore your interests, and we can ski, swim, workout, or take photos together (although I'm not a big fan of sports!). I'm extroverted, but not for the reasons you might think; I simply enjoy the company of friends and sharing experiences. I also enjoy sharing a book or a movie, spending a quiet afternoon together. I love food and can cook up a storm! I enjoy sharing, so you won't be bored, believing in the warmth and companionship of mutual relationships, I'm not just seeking attention but also aiming to bring happiness and enthusiasm to you.

I lean more towards being a sub or spankee, with very few dominant tendencies, and it's not just about physical
; I prefer emotional intensity, as long as it's built on understanding and connection.

Interests: spanking, bondage, ddlg,exhibitionism.

I'm not into extreme kinks, and I don't tolerate vulgar or insulting language. I prefer being submissive, especially under a firm hand, and I'm more inclined towards discipline and guidance...

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ENM & kinky, seeking meaningful connections & shared pleasures of all kinds


I AM...

• ENM (solo-poly)

• A soft/gentle pleasure dominant

• Unconventional, creative, colourful, communicative, enthusiastic, thoughtful & caring

• Rather tall - usually 6ft2, or 6ft4+ in my goth boots!


• To create & photograph, devour, explore, experience and share pleasures & adventures of all kinds with partners & friends

• Immersive experiences, art exhibitions, shows & gigs, festivals, holidays, dinners & drinks

• Partying at Garden, Club Antichrist, Slimelight, German Fetish Ball, etc


• Teasing & edging, especially with toys, I have LOTS of toys!

• Dirty talk, giving praise,
, objectification

• Light restraints

• DP, threesomes & moresomes

• Latex & fishnet

• Public play


• Someone who's ENM, intelligent, playful, curious and likes to stand out not blend in

• Fun dates, a meaningful connection, shared passions & mutual pleasures

• At least FWB, preferably more

• Ideally nearby but I'm happy to travel to see each other if you are, and I can always host (homeowner)


• I'm also a photographer of the London & international fetish scene

• I'm seeking a muse / creative collaborator so if you're a model or content creator (or would like to be) then so much the better, but it's not essential.


• Smokers

• Tories

• Zionists

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    An exhibitionist enjoys being watched. This may include exposing private parts of their body to onlookers or in a public space where someone might see or it might be indulging in play in front of an audience. It could also be more private, in a setting between a person and his/her lover/s. Exhibitionism can be combined with submission. This way a Dominate partner can order a sub to expose themselves in certain ways. They might order a sub to wear a short skirt and no knickers whilst out in public, or to wear ladies underwear under work clothes if it’s a male submissive. They might ask a submissive to do something at a play event so everyone there can see. Enjoying the thrill of being exposed, exhibitionists have to be careful not to do anything illegal. It is good for exhibitionists to play at play events where people are expecting to see partially naked and naked people. They can play our their fantasies and desires in a supportive atmosphere. It is fun to play in public, but exhibitionists have to be safe and keep their activities legal when they are out where there’s the possibility of members of the public seeing them.

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