Exhibitionist BDSM Archetype

What is an exhibitionist?

An exhibitionist enjoys being watched. This may include exposing private parts of their body to onlookers or in a public space where someone might see or it might be indulging in play in front of an audience. It could also be more private, in a setting between a person and his/her lover/s.

Exhibitionism can be combined with submission. This way a Dominate partner can order a sub to expose themselves in certain ways. They might order a sub to wear a short skirt and no knickers whilst out in public, or to wear ladies underwear under work clothes if it’s a male submissive. They might ask a submissive to do something at a play event so everyone there can see.

Enjoying the thrill of being exposed, exhibitionists have to be careful not to do anything illegal. It is good for exhibitionists to play at play events where people are expecting to see partially naked and naked people. They can play our their fantasies and desires in a supportive atmosphere. It is fun to play in public, but exhibitionists have to be safe and keep their activities legal when they are out where there’s the possibility of members of the public seeing them.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with an exhibitionist? 

Exhibitionists partner up well with voyeurs, as they are two sides of the same fetish - one wants to watch, one enjoys being watched. They often enjoy situations where they feel exposed but actually they’re not doing anything that would be seen as offensive or illegal in any public space. It could be as simple as wearing a dark bra under a white top. It might be wearing suspenders and stockings instead of tights at work, under a long skirt. It could be wearing a chastity device or vibrating insertable when in a vanilla setting.

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    A voyeur gets pleasure from watching other people indulging in sexual, kinky or fetish activities. This can be in many different situations. The people or person being watched may be aware the voyeur is there or not. Depending if the voyeur is visible or hidden away. Some voyeurs like very specific situations or they may just enjoy watching and aren’t bothered whether others know this or not. Voyeurs can be part of the sexy action but will often find positions where they can watch what else is going on too. A voyeur may enjoy watching themselves, employing lots of mirrors to do so or videoing themselves and their partners. A voyeur could be very focused on simply watching the action all the time or they may also want to be involved in some way. It may depend on the situation or what kind voyeurism the voyeur enjoys.
    Experimentalists are really eager to try out new things. They are incredibly curious and ask lots and lots of questions. They want to find out all they can about all kinds of kinks and fetishes before having a go themselves. They're always up for trying something different and are going to be interested in what you want to do, as their curiosity and openness mean they’re very rarely judgemental. New ideas are what keep the experimentalist happy. Reading about things and asking questions about certain scenes or activities is where most experimentalists start but once they have a grip on an idea they want to give it a go themselves. It’s very important for an experimentalist to get all the safety information before jumping into trying out an activity themselves. Their eagerness can lead them into dangerous situations for experimentalists need to be reined in sometimes for their own safety.
    A submissive likes to be controlled, relishing someone else taking responsibility away from them. Some are subservient and submit willingly. Others are brattier and put up a fight. There are also submissives who will fight sometimes and be subservient at others. Submission can be confined to the bedroom or only taken out to BDSM and Fetish clubs and dungeons or it can used in all kinds of day to day situations. Some submissives chose to be subservient in all their roles, others take on submission to escape the responsibilities of work and family life. Submissives let someone else take control. They may have a list of rules to abide by set by their Dom/Domme. If rules are broken then there will be punishments too as well as rewards for good behaviour. Some submissives love to be naughty and punished, others want to be good and strive to do their best and be rewarded. Others will want a mix of the two. It isn’t all about humiliation and degradation for a submissive, unlike other bottoms they are more concerned with being subservient and giving over control to another person. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }