All-Rounder BDSM Archetype

What is an all-rounder?

An all-rounder enjoys a little bit of everything. They don’t have a preference to being dominant or submissive and are happy to switch between them both. They are happy to try everything once!

All-rounders are similar to experimentalists but they don’t have the same drive to keep trying new things. They’re happy to try new things or stick to whatever their partners like. They are very laid back with no real, deep desires of their own for any one kink or fetish.

As they enjoy variety, all-rounders are good for all kinds of scene. They will be eager to try new things and will also be good at suggesting new things to try or add in to a scene to give it a different twist. All-rounders enjoy making other people happy so they’re fantastic partners for anyone because of their enthusiasm.

All-rounders might not have the same passion that some people with specific fetishes and kinks do but they are more flexible. Happy to try out new things, they’re not set in their ways or reluctant to do something different.

An all-rounder is the kind of person who will happily be the exhibitionist one day and a voyeur the next. They’ll be your slave for a while then will be your dominant. Variety is the key to a happy all-rounder.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with an all-rounder?  

All-rounders aren’t necessarily submissive, and can take a dominant role permanently or from time to time. They can work well with other all-rounders but they might find it hard work deciding what to do. They can work well in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships . They also work well with switches as well as all kinds of dominants and subs. They only problem could be that they get bored of doing one role after a while.

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    Hi, I usually don’t go looking for spicy things, but I figured I’d give it go. I’m a really sweet and kind person, I’m kinda quiet and shy but a lot of people tell me I make them feel safe, which is a bit of weird compliment but I love that I’m able to create a space where they can be themselves. I’d really like to find someone who creates that safe space for me as well, and the only time I’ve really felt it was with a dominant partner. I want to allow myself to be truly with someone. I cannot tell you the deep appreciation I’ll have for you if that make this happen.

    I’d like to be friends at least before anything happens, know that we can just hangout and have a good time without it getting spicy. I’m not a big fan of hookups or the culture around it, and I’m kinda tired of the whole casual thing, but I understand if something serious isn’t for you and I’m open with that, provided there’s clear communication, not just about good things, but if you feel like you want it to end at any stage please just tell me, yeah I might be sad about it, but it’s better than wondering, that’s the respect I give and it’s the respect I want in return.

    About me, I’m a very open minded person, I love a weird deep argument where we respectfully challenge each others thoughts and ideas. I’m a massive nerd, Star Wars, marvel, lotr, I could talk about things from them for hours or quote every line.

    I work full time, regular hours, I’m saving, I’m studying, I’m trying to be a bit better everyday.

    I’m like 5’11 if it matters, curly long brown hair, brown eyes, stocky build, going back to the gym soon after a recent
    stopped me for a couple weeks.

    I’m not perfect but I’ll accept you and all your flaws, hopefully you can accept mine too.

    Send me a message if I sound a bit interesting to you and let’s chat.

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    Monogamy is when you have one relationship at a time. It is the expected norm in vanilla relationships but is also very popular in the kink community too. In vanilla society, monogamists partner up with just one other person and that is often for many years at a time. Some get married, others have civil unions but any relationship between two people with a sexual/romantic connection is counted as monogamy. Within BDSM the definition is slightly different, in that a monogamous Dom and sub are likely to keep most kink and sexual play between themselves. Strict monogamists will commit to only having kink or sexual play with one person. The line between monogamy and non-monogamy is definitely blurred. However, there are those within monogamy who aren’t quite as strict. They may have exceptions to the rule of only being with their partner. For example, when it comes to play. If one partner is into a particular fetish or aspect of BDSM that the other doesn’t enjoy they may do this one thing with another, pre-agreed person from time to time. They may have agreements that allow for one partner to demonstrate certain BDSM play with others or that the person can be a rope bunny for another person under certain circumstances.
    Non-monogamists break with the societal tradition of having just one partner at a time. They will prefer to be in an open relationship. They can be called polyamorous. They don’t see sex or kink as something to keep between themselves and just one other person. They can have several partners at once, these can be just for play or more serious relationships. Every non-monogamist will have different approaches to non-monogamy. Polyamorists will have, or look to be in, more than one relationship. These will be more than play and sex, and involve a romantic and/or intimate aspect. Swingers may be married or in a committed relationship with one person but they will indulge in kink or sexual play with other people too. Swingers can be single, it’s not all about wife-swapping. Anyone not in a monogamous relationship can be referred as polyamorous. Non-monogamists can indulge in all kinds of fetishes and kink play. They can be Dominant, submissive or switch if they’re into BDSM. They will rarely be slaves as devotion to one Master or Mistress doesn’t come easy to them. However, they might work well in a relationship with multiple slaves and one or more Dominant partner.
    Switch is the BDSM term for someone who isn’t always just Dominant or only submissive, they are a combination of the two. They enjoy being the top in a scene sometimes but are equally as comfortable being the bottom at other times. They have a real desire for both but may be more Dominant or more submissive. Switches don’t tend to have a 50/50 split Dom or sub. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }