Brat BDSM Archetype

What is a brat?

A brat is a submissive who tries very hard to be good but their mischievous nature means they often don’t quite hit the mark. Brats are often naughty but in a playful way. They’re not trying to rebel , they just enjoy encouraging their Dom to take them in hand.

Brats like having rules but mostly so they can be broken. They don’t seek out serious and strict Doms because in their heart of hearts they know they’ll never be totally tamed. They’re cheeky and mischievous and love to wind up their top. They are submissive with a fiery core. They try really hard to be good but sometimes being naughty is its own reward.

Being naughty gives the brat meaning, it is very much the heart of their dynamic. They will take every opportunity to play up, giving their Dom a challenge and providing extra excitement for themselves. They never know how a top will react to their acts of brattishness, also known as bratting, so they’re kept on their toes.

Brats are joyful in all they do, loving their Doms and showing respect but always with the odd moment of naughtiness because that’s what they enjoy the most.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with a brat?

Brats often match up with Brat tamers. They need a dominant who understands that their playful naughtiness is part of who they are and will always be a part of their dynamic. They like to push the limits and over step the mark. To receive punishment and control from their top.

Can brats be tamed?

It can be hard work training a brat, meaning there’s a lot of reward in it. Brats can never be completely tamed, they often speak and act without thinking. However, more often than not their actions are done on purpose to provoke the punishment they crave.

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    I'm really just starting to find my feet in the world of Kink, I've played in the shallows for many years and think that it is now time to go in deep and sink or swim. Being a switch makes it difficult in someways, I love strong women who know what they want and will help me give it to them, but on the flip side I also love vulnerable little girls who would like me to look after them and drive them mad with pleasure. And what of you? Ideally you are also a switch and looking to try all sorts of wild things with a like minded partner. Or maybe you are a little looking for a daddy, (but not too little as he is new to this) and you will probably need to share him with a Mildly Dominant Mommy, and possibly all play together. Alternatively you might a Mild Dom who wants to take control of me and my little girl? Hopefully this might start with a bit of online play and then a meet up to really bring it to life. So one of my biggest kink currently (although maybe you can help me find some more) is remote play, have a look at and see what we could do (particularly Max & Nora or the Lush)? Whats you favourite Kink, I'd love to know how to give you pleasure? So always learning, I now now more about you, you probbly arn't a little but more likly to be an ABDL, and want nothing less than for me to take you down the pub with your nappy on under your going out clothes, maybe even with your favorit buzzy toy, Knowing that your nappy will save you from the danger of wetting your set, but still having to stiffle the moans so no on chatches on. Looking forward to hearing from you, visit my profile for more information, or message me I only bite if you ask.
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    Similar fetishes and kinks to Brat

    Brat tamers are Dominants who look for naughty, playful submissives, called brats. They love the challenge of keeping up with the mischievous antics of brats and providing suitable rules, punishments and rewards. Brat tamers know that they’ll never tame their brats, but they have a whole lot of fun trying. They are dominant in nature but they do not expect the same level of control and submission that say a slave master would. They know that playful mischief is part of a brat’s make up and embrace that. Enjoying when their brat misbehaves and coming up with suitable punishments that both brat and tamer will enjoy. Brat tamers tend to be more flexible than other Doms as they enjoy the challenge of their submissives. They will enjoying finding new ways to punish and reward behaviour, always trying to stay a step ahead of their brat. They can just be out and out dominants but can be switches too. As people who enjoy bratting can enjoy taming brats too. They get the brat mind set.
    Dominants like to be in control. Unlike BDSM tops or sadists, their need is not particularly to inflict pain but to be domineering and have control over another person. Some Doms/Dommes expect to be obeyed immediately and without questions. Others enjoy being tested, and having to show their dominance over the submissive who’s being bratty. There is no one way to be a Dominant. Dom/Dommes can also be sadists, tops, masters or riggers. Dominant is a huge category of BDSM made up of many very different people who all have one thing in common, their need to be in control. The D in the term BDSM stands for dominance, therefore Dominants are an instrumental part of the BDSM fetish.
    A baby Girl/Boy is often known by the gender neutral term, little. A little is a type of submissive who embraces a childlike state. This can manifest in many ways including curiosity, a love of play, carrying a soft toy and dressing in clothes associated with being young. They can also use items such as pacifiers and diapers, but these are optional. Not all littles see themselves as being that young. Littles are submissives who need a great deal of nurturing and care from the dominant who looks after them. Their dominants are usually known as Daddies and Mummies. Girls and Boys will engage in activities which are associated with childhood. These include colouring in colouring books, doodling, blowing bubbles, playing games like tag or snakes and ladders. On the face of things, it seems a little takes more looking after than other submissives. It may be that they expect and need more support, time and nurture but their submission runs deep. Little’s relationships to their Daddy Dom or Mommy Domme are very intense. There is a great dedication from the little to their Dominants. They have a lot of submission to give. Littles can be bratty especially if this is a way they can earn fun punishments that they want. Littles, like all submissives, crave control. They may want very precise rules and will go out of their way to push the boundaries and test their dominants. Girl/Boys often enjoy mixing BDSM gear such as cuffs, ropes and collars with pretty lacy dresses or dungarees. The contrast of innocent and not so innocent makes them happy.
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