Vanilla Archetype

What is a vanilla?

Vanilla people stick to the standards in sexual play and roles. For example they’re most likely to be in heterosexual, monogamous relationships. By sheer definition members of the LGBTQI community aren’t vanilla even though you could argue what the definition of standard is when referencing sexuality.

There’s nothing wrong with this, even though vanilla is often used as a derogatory term by kinksters. It’s often seen as being boring and normal. However, not everyone has a particular fetish or kink and so vanilla sex is exactly what they need and want.

Some vanilla people will go on to find out they have specific fetishes and kinks but the majority will be happy always having vanilla interactions. Keeping to what they know is a driving factor for vanilla people. Knowing what will happen in a sexual interaction is important to them. They’re likely to have lots of limits on what they will do.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with a vanilla?

Vanilla people often match up with other vanilla people. Vanilla people can match up with other kinksters but eventually someone will end up changing. A vanilla person who finds a love of kink is unlikely to stay vanilla and a kinky person could chose to give up their kinks to be vanilla.

Where does the term vanilla come from?

The term vanilla is thought to come from the ice cream flavour. It is seen as the plainest flavour you can get. However, vanilla can often be the best basis for an ice cream dessert as you can add lots of flavours to it. This is the same with vanilla people. They may keep to the standards but can spice things up with mild forms of kinks. Such as adding restraints into their sex life in the way of something mundane that you could find around the house like a tie. They might use other novelties such as games, love dice and body paint to add excitement to their sexual encounters.

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    Similar to Vanilla

    An all-rounder enjoys a little bit of everything. They don’t have a preference to being dominant or submissive and are happy to switch between them both. They are happy to try everything once! All-rounders are similar to experimentalists but they don’t have the same drive to keep trying new things. They’re happy to try new things or stick to whatever their partners like. They are very laid back with no real, deep desires of their own for any one kink or fetish. As they enjoy variety, all-rounders are good for all kinds of scene. They will be eager to try new things and will also be good at suggesting new things to try or add in to a scene to give it a different twist. All-rounders enjoy making other people happy so they’re fantastic partners for anyone because of their enthusiasm. All-rounders might not have the same passion that some people with specific fetishes and kinks do but they are more flexible. Happy to try out new things, they’re not set in their ways or reluctant to do something different. An all-rounder is the kind of person who will happily be the exhibitionist one day and a voyeur the next. They’ll be your slave for a while then will be your dominant. Variety is the key to a happy all-rounder.
    Switch is the BDSM term for someone who isn’t always just Dominant or only submissive, they are a combination of the two. They enjoy being the top in a scene sometimes but are equally as comfortable being the bottom at other times. They have a real desire for both but may be more Dominant or more submissive. Switches don’t tend to have a 50/50 split Dom or sub. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
    A voyeur gets pleasure from watching other people indulging in sexual, kinky or fetish activities. This can be in many different situations. The people or person being watched may be aware the voyeur is there or not. Depending if the voyeur is visible or hidden away. Some voyeurs like very specific situations or they may just enjoy watching and aren’t bothered whether others know this or not. Voyeurs can be part of the sexy action but will often find positions where they can watch what else is going on too. A voyeur may enjoy watching themselves, employing lots of mirrors to do so or videoing themselves and their partners. A voyeur could be very focused on simply watching the action all the time or they may also want to be involved in some way. It may depend on the situation or what kind voyeurism the voyeur enjoys.