Degradee BDSM Archetype

What is a degradee?

A degradation receiver (degradee) gets turned on by being humiliated, degraded and/or embarrassed in a sexual or kink context. This is a consensual activity where both parties enjoy this play and have strict rules and boundaries in place. A degradation receiver is more than likely going to be a submissive.

Degradation receivers find being treated in such a way, as a person’s property, to be very arousing. They may enjoy being objectified too. Actually used as a piece of furniture for their Dominant to use or just talked about in a way you wouldn’t talk about another human being in everyday conversation. They may enjoy being ignored or ordered around too.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with a degradee? 

Degradees match up with degradation givers (degraders) as they understand the sexual arousal involved. Other Dominants might be a little hesitant to use humiliation and embarrassment as for other submissives these activities would be hard limits. For degradation receivers, they find being humiliated a way to feel intense submission. They like to feel secondary to the degradation giver as part of their submission.

What is BDSM degradation and humiliation play?

BDSM humiliation play can take many different forms. It can involve being called names, being instructed to take off all your clothes in front of others, being ejaculated or urinated on or physical belittlement. Such as small penis humiliation for male identifying degradation receivers.

Degradation can be private or public. It is a practice that needs to be handled sensitively if practised outside of the BDSM scene or safety of your own home, as it can look like abusive behaviour if not understood as being a BDSM act between two consensual adults. However, acts of degradation such as being ‘made’ to strip off or to do certain acts in front of people can be indulged in at BDSM events where people understand what is going on.

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Similar to Degradee

A degrader (degradation giver) uses humiliation and degradation to embarrass their submissive. This is done in a consensual way, knowing that the degradation receiver finds it sexually arousing. It is not something every submissive will enjoy and needs lots of conversations around levels and boundaries. Degradation givers are usually Dominants in a relationship and get a thrill out of the intense submission from the degradation receiver who does anything to make his or her Dominant happy, even (and especially) if they have to humiliate or embarrass themselves in the process.
A submissive likes to be controlled, relishing someone else taking responsibility away from them. Some are subservient and submit willingly. Others are brattier and put up a fight. There are also submissives who will fight sometimes and be subservient at others. Submission can be confined to the bedroom or only taken out to BDSM and Fetish clubs and dungeons or it can used in all kinds of day to day situations. Some submissives chose to be subservient in all their roles, others take on submission to escape the responsibilities of work and family life. Submissives let someone else take control. They may have a list of rules to abide by set by their Dom/Domme. If rules are broken then there will be punishments too as well as rewards for good behaviour. Some submissives love to be naughty and punished, others want to be good and strive to do their best and be rewarded. Others will want a mix of the two. It isn’t all about humiliation and degradation for a submissive, unlike other bottoms they are more concerned with being subservient and giving over control to another person. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
Slaves are submissives who totally give all control over to their Master/Mistress. The main difference from other submissives is that they hand over control of all their life, 24/7 to their top. There can be pre-agreed exceptions to this rule. For the purposes of work for example but by vast majority a slave hands over all decision making to their Dom. BDSM slaves are happiest when serving a Dominant. They tend to not have limits with their Master/Mistress. This is because their dynamic is very close. The Dominant knows his/her slaves limits and keeps to them. This is a very unique relationship and is one to build up to. Slaves start out as submissives first and after time become a slave. Slaves, even more so than submissives, tend to wear some kind of symbol of their BDSM slave status. This can be a collar or a piece of jewellery that symbolises their belonging to their Dominant. Slaves give complete trust to their Dominant, freeing their minds from worry and responsibility. It is a very unique roll and one that only certain submissives can take on.