Masochist BDSM Archetype

What is a masochist?

Masochists enjoy having pain inflicted on them. It might not be all kinds of pain, but only specific types. They usually match up with sadists because sadists enjoy inflicting pain.

Masochists tend to be submissive, but can be switches too. Masochists know what it feels to take a punishment do can make effective tops in a scene. Some Dominants have masochistic streaks, enjoying a certain level of pain themselves. Masochism is centred on the pleasure of pain but many masochists enjoy being controlled and dominated too.

Masochists are often bratty, to get the pain they want. The worst torture for a masochist is totally withholding punishment as they crave pain.

In day-to-day life masochists may find non kinky ways to satisfy their desires such as pushing themselves hard during exercise. Masochists often use pain to feel free from the pressures of day to day life.

Which BDSM archetype matches well with a masochist?

Masochists find pleasure in pain, this can be sexual but isn’t always so. They will enjoy certain pain in certain situations, but not all. This will be discussed in advance. Masochists typically match with Dominants, sadists or tops.

How do masochists enjoy pain?

Sadistic torture is fun for masochists. They often enjoy the physical marks that remain after impact and other rough play. Red skin, bruises, rope marks and welts are worn as badges of honour. Masochists often enjoy their marks being prodded or poked. They may even do this to themselves. Pain from marks received in a scene make a masochist feel good, often in a sexual way.

Some masochists enjoy scenes that do not end with marks. They can have pain inflicted on them by restraint, or with electric toys or impact toys that don’t mark easily. They can also enjoy mental torture known as a mind fuck. This is when a sadist uses fear and control to make a masochist feel pain without actually inflicting physical torture at all.

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    A sadist is a Dominant who enjoys inflicting pain on a submissive partner or partners. However, it isn’t always that a sadist enjoys inflicting all kinds of pain on others. They may well enjoy specific sadistic tortures. They may prefer using a particular instrument like a whip or a cane or they might enjoy adding a sadistic element to other BDSM activities such as rope and restraints. Sadists get pleasure from inflicting pain on others. This is always consensual and agreed in advance. They can enjoy the visual evidence of the pain they’ve inflicted in bruises and welts and red skin. They often enjoy the noises a masochist makes while they are inflicting pain on them and enjoy watching the way that masochist moves as they are tortured. They may even enjoy restraining the masochist so they can’t easily move. Not all sadistic torture leaves marks. Sadists can use electric that inflicts lots of pain on their masochist but doesn’t leave lasting marks. Not all sadism is focused on the physical. Sadists often use fear and control to play with pain without inflicting any physical damage at all. This is called a mind fuck. Many people often ask what is a sadist? There isn’t one simple answer. Every sadist is different. Sadists are most often Dominants but can be switches. Even masochists and submissives can have a sadistic streak. Enjoying inflicting pain on another person, maybe because they understand the thrill of feeling the pain themselves. Sadists can become sexually aroused by inflicting painful torture on others, it can also be simply about submission and control. Sadists often spend many hours honing their skills with one particular torture implement to get the most sadistic pleasure out of their implement of choice.
    A degradation receiver (degradee) gets turned on by being humiliated, degraded and/or embarrassed in a sexual or kink context. This is a consensual activity where both parties enjoy this play and have strict rules and boundaries in place. A degradation receiver is more than likely going to be a submissive. Degradation receivers find being treated in such a way, as a person’s property, to be very arousing. They may enjoy being objectified too. Actually used as a piece of furniture for their Dominant to use or just talked about in a way you wouldn’t talk about another human being in everyday conversation. They may enjoy being ignored or ordered around too.
    A degrader (degradation giver) uses humiliation and degradation to embarrass their submissive. This is done in a consensual way, knowing that the degradation receiver finds it sexually arousing. It is not something every submissive will enjoy and needs lots of conversations around levels and boundaries. Degradation givers are usually Dominants in a relationship and get a thrill out of the intense submission from the degradation receiver who does anything to make his or her Dominant happy, even (and especially) if they have to humiliate or embarrass themselves in the process.