Outdoor Sex

Discover the great outdoors!

Tips for outdoor sex

Most people love a bit of outdoor fucking from time to time, but for some, it's a huge deal and a common feature in their fantasies. If this sounds like you, it's a good idea to pick your locations to have sex in the open wisely; quiet beaches and deserted woodlands are fantastic, but a family resort is probably not a particularly good idea!

Make sure you're not in the line of any CCTV cameras, and you aren't about to fall into a patch of stinging nettles. Other than that, just so long as you're careful to attain the consent of any bystanders and you're not breaking any local laws, you're ready to go - and the experience can be a beautifully liberating one.

Discover the great outdoors!

There’s no denying sex outside can be very exciting, and we’re all a little exhibitionist secretly. Here are a few rules to help you make it sex outdoors epic and not an epic fail.

1. Don’t get caught! Embarrassing police videos, explanations to family, friends, co-workers… You get the idea. Fortunately, the kink scene is built on respect for privacy and awareness so use your kinkster sense (it’s like Spidey sense for kinksters) and be aware of what’s going on around you. And if you do get caught, have a plan for how to make it LOOK like you weren’t fucking having sex in public.

2. Have it together. You found your perfect spot, you’ve tied your sub to the tree or post or whatever and suddenly cars pull up, the show’s over, and it needs to be over quick. Where are your safety scissors? Sitting right there on the kitchen counter waiting to be packed into your kinky bag-o-tricks? Don’t be that guy (or girl or furry or…) make a list, check it twice, then recheck it. Whatever you need to have a kinktastic time when having outdoor sex, make sure you have it with you!

3. Find the right spot, G. There are so many places to have sex. Swap ideas with your partner(s) about what kind of locations and scenarios you fantasize about. Maybe you’re into cemeteries and castles, and your partner loves camping and the woods. It’s all about planning. If it’s somewhere in a city, you need to scout it out first, see when ‘low-traffic’ times of day are to make sure you follow rule number one.

4. Stop thinking so much! You’ve made it to this spot, you’ve got all your kinky sh*t, there’s no one there (or maybe there is depending on what your plan is) now let go. Let it happen and have a great time!

Best places for outdoor sex

This is really up to you, your partner(s) and your combined and consensual imagination. Just plan and think about what you’re willing to happen. Of course, spontaneity is the spice of life, and you can’t be prepared for everything so enjoy. Here are our top five places to have sex in the open!

1. Dungeons - no, not the local BDSM dungeon, a real one. You’re on holiday at some tourist trap of a place and discover the service door to the basement is open….

2. The great outdoors - it’s pretty big. There are a million and one places you can fuck. Just remember your kinkster sense, keep an eye out for creatures you might not want partaking in your kinky fun.

3. In, on or near the water - make sure everyone can swim, and you’ve got the right kind of lube. Sand can get into all sorts of places you don’t want it, so be a good kinkster and always have a towel.

4. In the city - you don’t have to be way out in the middle of nowhere to have sex in public. There are plenty of urban places to get it on. Alley ways, parks, public transport, you get the idea…

5. Public buildings - concert halls, bar and clubs might be a few of the more obvious ones, but what about museums, the stairwell at work, churches, cinemas, on the roof, again let your imagination run free and talk with your partner(s) about it.

Is it safe to have sex outdoors?

Sure, you might have to think about different things than you would when having sex at home but as long as you are sensible it’s perfectly safe. Check the area for nettles, brambles and other plants that could cause discomfort as well as biting insects. Make sure you’re not disappearing too far off track and can get yourself back to where you came from especially if you’re out at night. You don’t want to get lost!

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