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Locker room sex may be the subject of a thousand gay porno's, but it does happen in reality - especially if you're at a gay sauna or discreetly at public gyms. There's something erotic about the idea of a bunch of guys getting naked and steamy together and becoming utterly distracted by each other's glistening bodies. The reality is that those moments do happen spontaneously, but it depends on the place in question. That doesn't mean it isn't hot to imagine though, particularly when you're getting changed and you find a guy particularly attractive. Although, it should always be consensual of course!

Is locker room sex achievable?

Yes. Locker room sex tends to be the remit for mostly gay or bisexual guys and it really depends on the place. While it's highly unlikely that a spontaneous orgy is going to break out (unless you're at a gay sauna), you have to be mindful that although public sex itself isn’t illegal, outraging public decency is. Locker room sex is likely to be covered by that law.

How can I try out my locker room fantasy?

While the chances of having fun in any old locker room is low, gay saunas, swingers clubs, BDSM dungeons and sex clubs have locker rooms of their own. Maybe you can arrange to do the fantasy scene of your dreams there!

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