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Cottaging and the glory hole are stalwarts of gay male culture in many parts of the world, not least because they add a wonderful sense of anonymity to proceedings. Plenty of people get down to it in public toilets - sometimes they're your only option, but cottaging is a subculture. If you're interested in finding gay cottaging locations near you, it's never been easier to look them up; a little judicious searching online should tell you everything you need to know! Just make sure you wrap it up and don't cross anyone's boundaries while you're there.

What is cottaging? 

Cottaging is a slang word for having anonymous sex in a public toilet, the majority of partakers are gay and bisexual men. Originating in the UK, the term springs from the use of 19th century public toilets that look like cottages from the outside. In the US, they use the ‘tea room’ instead of cottage but the meaning is the same.

Is cottaging safe?

It has its risks as you’re having anonymous sex with a stranger in a public place but if you make sure to use condoms, take precautions such as doing your research it can be sexy, kinky and fun. Make sure you have thought about your cottaging experience before going for it and evaluate all the risks.

How do you find places to go cottaging?

In the internet age it’s easy. Just search for cottaging spots in your area online. You could also ask at your local gay sex club, they may even have events that fit the bill for what you’re looking for.

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