Car Sex

Car sex - a kinky pursuit

Go fast in the backseat!

Adults often sexualise the things that were important to their developing sexuality when they were teenagers. This means a lot of grownups are turned on by schoolgirl or cheerleader outfits, but it also means - particularly in America, where driving from a young age is commonplace - that just as many are warmed up by the idea of revisiting car sex! Once it was your only option, but now it's a luxury and a bit of a naughty pursuit - so get your nostalgia on and enjoy the ride. Just beware, having sex in the car is probably a little more cramped and uncomfortable than you remember now that you're so much older and wiser!

 How do you have car sex?

It’s going to be a bit cramped in any car, but that’s part of the appeal! Utilise things like the steering wheel, door handles and roof to get some pressure and leverage for fucking. Also, make sure you find somewhere secluded, you don’t want to be interrupted.

What are the best clothes for car sex?

To get the most out of a quickie in the car you need to be wearing clothing that doesn’t need unzipping or buttons popping. Things like skirts and shorts/stretchy waisted trousers (like jogging pants) work really well for easy access and getting dressed again in a hurry.

What are the best car sex positions?

Basically, whatever floats your boat! However, positions such as the reverse cowboy on the driving seat can work really well as the person on top can hold onto the wheel for leverage. Traditional missionary can work well in the back seat. And who needs to be inside the car? Use the boot or the bonnet for a bit of doggy style fun.

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