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Kinky elevator sex

The truth is that elevator sex is a lot more fun in fantasy than in reality. While there's something wonderful about the idea of quick, furious sex - perhaps with someone you've never seen before and won't ever see again - there are a few issues with the notion; for one thing, you've got such a limited amount of time and the situation is so unpredictable that you never know when you might be disturbed! You should also bear in mind that there are probably cameras in there, and that many buildings will have serious regulations prohibiting indecent exposure.

Is it possible to have sex in an elevator?  

It certainly is possible but it’s not very easy to do. Elevators get a lot of use so you will have to plan in advance to give it a go. There’s definitely a risk you could get caught, so you need quick reflexes to avoid being caught with your pants down!

When is the best time to have elevator sex?

It’s worth researching the elevator you wish to use. It’s probably a safe bet that there will be few people using the elevators late at night and into the early hours of the morning. Avoid rush hours in the morning when people are going to work and in the evening when people are coming home.

Do all elevators have cameras?

Most will do, probably almost all will. Think about this before indulging. Can you cover your face to keep your anonymity? You could try to obscure the camera’s view but that could get you into serious trouble for vandalism if you’re caught. Weigh up the risks before giving this sexy fantasy a go.

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