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Fetish for adult movie theaters?

Once upon a time, nobody had a personal computer and many didn't have any kind of video player or cable television connection, and so was the adult cinema born. They quickly developed a reputation for being dingy and sleazy, and with the advent of the internet they all but died out - until recently.

An adult movie theater of the 21st century is nothing like the dark, awkward venues of decades past. Most are set up to be clean and comfortable, and generally offer a flat entrance fee after which you can move from screen to screen as you see fit. You'll find a broad range of sexual preferences and gender identities at these places, particularly if you seek out adult theaters that offer couples-only or LGBTQ-specific nights.

Do adult movie theaters still exist?

Yes. They can be found in most any city, town or village, if you know where to look - dirty movies need to be shown on the big screen somewhere! An adult movie theater can be a bit nostalgic if you’re old enough, and some remain in dark dingy alleyways. In order to not completely die out, many have started catering to younger generations and keeping up with trends, most have adopted a cleaner presence to have a less shady clientele.

Is sex allowed in an adult movie theater?

It depends on where you go - we’ve heard ::cough:: ::cough:: that cheeky couples have sex in normal movie theaters. Adult theaters are for viewing porn on the big screen, people will, of course, wank off in the corners. When in doubt check with the policies of the establishment to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules. As a tip: have a look around for security cameras, glory holes, and locks on booth doors for a start. Sometimes adult cinemas will have couples nights or singles nights, so check in with their calendar and maybe you’ll get lucky!

What kind of films show at an adult movie theater?

The films are usually run-of-the-mill straight hardcore porn as the cinemas want to appeal to the largest number of people. There can sometimes be fetish films shown on certain nights so check with the cinema you’re visiting for their film schedule.

Do you pay to see one film like a normal cinema?

Generally, it’s one admission price and then you can view as many films as you like that day. Check with the cinema before hand as there can be different prices for singles and couples too.

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