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It's never been easier to make your own porn - and thousands of people all over the world have started doing just that. While some choose to experiment with it as a way of making a little extra cash, this is risky and difficult to get right - most people choose to keep their homemade movies to themselves, to enjoy on a future occasion or share with another partner.

As with everything, honesty and consent are key when you're playing around with home movies and erotic film. Make sure everyone involved in the recording knows they're being recorded and has agreed to it, and make sure they additionally agree to anything you might go on to do with that recording - be it showing it to someone else or posting it online. If you don't get consent, you could be breaking the law as well as behaving like an asshole!

What is erotic film?

Where porn is all about sexual arousal, erotic is more about titillation and sensuality. Often erotic film will have other themes than just sex, which makes them perfect for exploring BDSM themes.

How do I make an erotic film to send to my partner?

It’s easier than ever to film yourself being sexy these days. We all have mobile phones and most have the capacity to take videos. All you need to do is come up with an idea of what you want to do whilst being filmed and then go for it. You can hold the phone in your hand or prop it up somewhere to capture your sexy moves.

Is it safe to send erotic films to others?

Anything you send to another person can be shared again. You need to make sure you trust the person you’re sending your videos to. You can also not have your face in these films if you’re worried about that. It may be worth thinking about how sexy video of you being shared could affect your life. Some conservative workplaces may see it as a reason for dismissal for example. Weigh up all the consequences first before sending an erotic film to a friend or partner.

How to I persuade my partner to let me film us having kinky sex?

If your partner is dead set against it, then you simply don’t. No means no and should always be respected. If your partner is a little hesitant, you could talk about the idea in depth and answer any questions that crop up. It is often fear that holds people back so knowing all the details can help.

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