While most people run away at the sight of a spider, this kinkster wanted to be one. Yep, as Fetish.com member Jane explains, one man with a spider fetish wanted nothing more than to be trapped in her web.

I was always the bad girl with the crazy ideas, but a spider fetish never crossed my mind. I identified with the anti-heroes in comic books and never understood why the wicked witch never got the prince in fairy stories. True to form, in my twenties, I started to realise my fantasies of domination. My fantasies were around controlling men, making them my sex slaves and using them for my personal satisfaction. I'd been using dating websites for some time when I finally met Nick, whose own particular fetish was too much for even me to handle.

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A new type of crush

I'd met men before who were into the idea of a woman having complete power over them. I'd even met men who had macrophilia fantasies; that women were bigger and stronger than men, even becoming giantesses who would crush men under their feet. I couldn't relate to this but saw that it was a legitimate fetish. Nick, however, was even further along that spectrum. 

He fantasised that he was not a human, but rather a spider that would be crushed under a women’s feet. I was to find out the full extent of his spider fetish after we had been dating for some time. At first, Nick did not tell me about his fetish explicitly. He told me that he was into dominant women and that he had fantasies about a woman being bigger and more powerful than he was.


Man caught in a web. Spider fetish
Being caught in a web is a big turn-on for someone with a spider fetish.


Eight-legged spider fetish

I remember that we were having a drink together in a local pub when Nick began to confess the extent of his fantasies of ‘spider slavery’. He admitted that he often thought about what it would be like to have eight legs, to live in a web and to be crushed beneath a woman’s shoes.

I couldn't believe what I heard at first: spider slavery? WTF?! But, encouraged by my willingness to listen, Nick went on. He told me that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to be my personal spider and let me keep him as a pet. He was very much into the idea of me keeping him in a small cage with a lock. Part of his spider fetish was the idea of being kept in chastity with me holding the key so that he could not realise his ‘animalistic’ urges without my express permission. I'd heard that some men had chastity fetishes, and have enjoyed controlling men’s orgasms and pleasure, but this was a bit too much for me.


Over the limit!

I'm all for the idea of keeping men as slaves, even in bondage cages, but the idea of dominating Nick while he wore some costume with four extra legs was too much for me to seriously consider. It also made me realise what the limits of my kinks were, and a spider fetish is one of them. I told Nick that we were going to have to go our separate ways. I lost touch with him, but I'm sure that there is a woman out there somewhere that's happy with her very own spider-man.

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