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Here at, we've written before about the joys of sexting and cyber sex. Done anonymously with strangers online, it can be a wonderful way of exploring your kinks and figuring out your boundaries before taking the risk of translating things into real life. Used as part of an already-existing relationship it's an opportunity to spark up a little passion, keep things boiling over and help you feel connected to each other. If you're in a new relationship, these sexy messages will help you figure out what they're into and make the sex you have when you're physically together better than you could have imagined.

What is sex chat?

It can be called cyber sex or even sexting, it’s indulging in sexy fun using words on a screen and sometimes is accompanied by sending sexy selfies but that’s an optional extra.

Is sex chat safe?

It is. Always think twice before giving out your personal details and remember, if you send nudes they could be sent on to other people or put onto the internet for anyone to see. Be sure you trust who you’re sending your sexts and images too.

Is sex chat cheating?

If your partner/s don’t know that you’re sexting someone else then it’s definitely cheating. Always communicate and remember consent is key. However, if everyone is informed and happy then a little sexy texting with another person is a great way to add a little spice to life.

What is the best way to sex chat?

Think about what you’re going to type before you do, pay attention to what the other person is typing and respond to it accordingly. Also type in full words as much as you can. It might be difficult when you’re getting to climax but let your cyber sex partner know before just starting the ooooooooooooooooooh responses. It’s also polite to not just disappear once you’ve come, remember there’s another person involved and they need to get there’s too!

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    The usual story goes that 'foreplay' is all the stuff you get up to during sex that isn't, you know, mechanical thrusting. You've probably heard a lot of stuff about how women need it more than men do, too - as though generalisations like that are either helpful or accurate! Here at, we're huge fans of all the activities involved in what people call foreplay - but not necessarily of the concept itself. Sex isn't always between one person with a penis and another with a vagina, it doesn't always start and end with perfectly defined boundaries and the literal fucking doesn't always have to be the most important part! Rather than looking at your sexual encounters as a three course meal where the PIV is the main event, think of them as a buffet: you can try a little bit of everything, go back as often as you like, and have things in any order you fancy.
    Simply put, vanilla is the opposite of everything we're about here at That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, though - quite the opposite! All kinds of sex are fantastic for the people who desire them, and the best way to run your sex life is exactly how you and your partners want to. It's also important to bear in mind that just because someone has kinks and fetishes doesn't mean they never want good old vanilla sex. Sure, there are those amongst us who need a little kink all the while to keep it feeling good - but there are plenty more who crave a little vanilla every now and then and find the experience one that promotes intimacy and builds trust.
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