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Tantric sex - an Indian practice originating from the writings of the Kama Sutra - is not usually associated with fetish or kink. In some ways it's almost its opposite: tantra focuses on gentle touch, slow movements and equal bonding.

That doesn't mean that the ancient sexual arts have nothing to teach us, though! Time spent working on sensation and intimacy can do wonders for the bond between a dominant partner and their submissive, and who doesn't like the idea of achieving the fabled "hour-long orgasm"?

If you're interested in a little exploration, it's worth seeking out a professional teacher. There's plenty of information available online, make sure to check out the yab yum position and the tantric chair. Finding a teacher who has learned the traditions in the traditional manner is however essential to really get the best results.

What is tantric sex?

Meaning ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’ tantric sex, often called tantra, is all about connection and making the sexual experience really last. It focuses on pleasure and intimacy and doesn’t rush to orgasm. It’s all about taking time to really enjoy sex.

What are the benefits of tantric sex?

Increased intimacy leads to happier, more fulfilled relationships. It can lead to more orgasms, more sexual pleasure and increased well being too. Sometimes it pays to take your time.

Is BDSM compatible with tantric sex?

Yes, it can be. You can use the focused approach of tantric sex within BDSM scenes. Concentrating on the scene and nothing else, letting yourself be completely and utterly yourself without fears or lack of confidence and exploring your partner and their boundaries are all things that can work within tantra and BDSM.

Is tantric sex religious?

Tantric sex has its source in the Hindu faith, but tantra is often spoken of as being about spirituality more than religion. It encourages you to live life to the full, to enjoy sex to the max. That enriches you spiritually as well as sexually. Looking deeper into yourself is always a spiritual experience. It is argued that the more you know yourself and the more you accept yourself the better your sex life will be. That is why people who practise tantra claim to be happier and healthier as part of the added intimacies in their sex lives.

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