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Fetish and kissing

Kissing seems like a big deal to us when we're teenagers, but as we grow older, it can start to lose a little of its mystique. It's a great shame because it's a wonderful way to build intimacy between partners, and without it, sex can start to feel a little impersonal.

In a fetish context, there are plenty of ways to make kissing a part of your dynamic. Kissing someone who is tied up can add to the sensual feeling of helplessness, for example, while kissing a blindfolded person all over their body will keep them wanting more and make them unsure what to expect. It can also form an important part of aftercare, helping you to reconnect with your partner on a cosier level after an encounter that may have been quite emotionally intense.

How many types of kisses are there?

Kissing (consensually of course) is a wonderful way to show someone your affection and there are at least a bagilliongazillion ways to do it. So for obvious reasons we won’t cover all of them here, but…

Here are a few kinktastic kissing tips to try out:

1. Kissing feet: an obvious one for anyone with a foot fetish, but perhaps not so obvious to others. Nothing beats a nice foot massage with a couple of kisses as a bit of foreplay or aftercare.
2. Spider-man kiss: a lovely reward for a rope bottom as they hang upside-down from a suspension rigging that took ‘hours to master’. Or use your kinky creativity, there are plenty of ways to spider-man kiss!
3. Tiny kisses: your partner is blindfolded (or wearing a hood), anticipation for your next move has them all hot and bothered. Teach them a little patience by teasing them with tiny kisses on their earlobes or any other erogenous zone. Or use them as a reward after a spanking and of course as part of your aftercare. Butterfly and Eskimo kisses also fall into this category.
4. Biting kisses: can be an any number of places on the body. The neck, lips, thighs, ass or carefully and consensually on the genitals, earlobes, nipples, you get the idea… Kissing and then biting your Dom/me’s fingers might be a bratty move that’ll get you punished. A bit of neck biting can turn up the heat and leave some marks behind as a kinky reminder of all the fun you had or a sense of ownership.
5. Passionate kisses: the most common of course being the French kiss, the tongue is involved, generally they are a bit wet and require a bit of practice in order not to completely slobber all over your partner.

Hopefully you have a few ideas on how to kiss after reading this, so get those creative kinky juices flowing and consensually kiss away!

Is it okay to kiss a submissive in a play scene?

You can play your way but remember to get consent first. You can do this in your pre-scene negotiations by simply asking if kissing is okay. If you’re mid-scene and you want to kiss, then ask then and there. Express your desire to kiss and ask them if they want to kiss you. It’s never okay to kiss without consent.

Is kissing kinky?

It certainly can be. Kissing is an intimate act and a lot of kink play is very intimate. You can add kissing into all kinds of scenes and combine it with pulling hair, biting flesh or giving oral sex to really play with D/s boundaries and control.

Is kissing boots safe?

It is. You want to make sure the boots you use are clean but then you can make your sub kiss and lick them to your heart’s content.

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