Prostate Orgasm

All you need to know to have great prostate orgasms

Enjoy anal play and prostate orgasms?

People who have vaginas will have heard of (and maybe found) their G-spot. It's an area inside the vagina that when stimulated, can bring the person to orgasm. They are different from clitoral orgasms and often said to be more intense or prolonged. In penis owners, there is something similar which is known as the P-spot. The prostate is located in the rectum and can provide intense, dry orgasms without ejaculation when stimulated. Often these orgasms can occur multiple times and are said to be very strong. The P-spot can be manipulated manually, with toys or during anal sex, so if you want a different kind of orgasm, give it a go!

What is a prostate orgasm?

A prostate orgasm is one that comes from direct stimulation of the prostate, a walnut-sized gland below the bladder in people with penises.

Why do prostate orgasms feel so incredible?

There is no definitive scientific answer to this. But it's often said to be due to intense body awareness. Because you're so focused on the genitals, your entire body focuses on the pleasure in this area. It could also be due to a release of hormones or because it's an unusual and slightly harder way to come that it feels more intense for being less expected.

How can I give myself a prostate orgasm?

You can do so by inserting a finger into your anal passage or by using a toy designed for anal play. Always use lots of lube and go slowly and be patient. There are toys specifically made for this called prostate massagers, but you will need to experiment to find what works best for you.

Do you have to be gay to enjoy prostate orgasms?

Not at all, any penis owner of any sexual orientation can have a prostate orgasm. Enjoying anal stimulation doesn't mean you're gay; it's just a part of sex that you enjoy, and nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

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    Prostate massagers were originally a medical invention for the relief of many prostate problems, and they have been developed and adapted to give men strong internal orgasms by stimulating the prostate. Known as P-spot or Male G-spot these orgasms are incredibly intense and something many men enjoy. It is difficult to reach the spot with a finger, yours or even a partner’s and that is where a prostate massager comes in. With lots of lube and maybe a bit of practice, using a prostate massager to gently stimulate the prostate can produce intense orgasms that nothing else can replicate.
    People with vaginas have the G-Spot, an area of tissue deep inside that can cause orgasms which are significantly different from clitoral orgasms. The P-Spot (or prostate) is the equivalent spot in penis owners. It's located in the rectum and can give multiple orgasms without other stimulation or ejaculation. It's this orgasmic feeling that prostate milking is all about. It's a solo and partnered activity that can bring lots of sexual satisfaction. Prostate milking isn't reserved only for gay men, but for everyone who has a prostate, this activity is a fun, safe way to explore sexual pleasure together or alone.
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