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There’s so much you can do in virtual reality worlds these days as the technology has really come on. This includes the advent of VR sex. You get transported into a sexy scene with just the use of a VR headset and some VR compatible porn. You can experience being part of the hot action instead of being stuck watching 2D porn you can experience it as if you’re really there. Whatever really turns you on, you can enjoy it up close and personal just by using a headset and well, your own hand. A fun, safe way to experience new kinks and fetishes too.

What is VR sex?

VR sex is any sexual activity from masturbation onwards that happens when you’re wearing a VR headset. You can get specific VR porn to watch while you have VR sex too and you can get it as kinky as you like!

How do I have VR sex?

You need to have a virtual reality set up there are lots now and some work just with your own phone. Once you have the equipment you can look for some VR porn that really turns you on that you can then use for VR sex with yourself or a partner’s. A partner can mimic what’s happening on the screen so you can feel like you’re actually in the porn yourself, cool huh?

Is VR sex considered cheating?

It all depends on your relationship, really. To be sure you need to ask your partner/’s how they feel about it. It’s not real sex but you are interacting with other people even if only virtually so it’s definitely a step up from just usual porn.

Does kinky VR porn exist?

The short answer is yes. A lot of it is straight and vanilla but if you do a bit of searching around you can find lots of kinky and BDSM themed VR porn.

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