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Some vagina owners can ejaculate when they come. Just like male ejaculation it can vary in amount, power and consistency but unlike male ejaculate, the liquid originates from the skene’s glands that surround the urethra and of course, it doesn’t contain sperm.

Many people don’t believe female ejaculation is a thing, but in studies between 10-54% of women say they have experienced it. It’s seen by some as controversial sexual act and has been banned from porn by the BBFC which has been strongly protested. After all it’s a natural sexual reaction for some people, so if you squirt enjoy it, it’s perfectly normal!

Is female ejaculate just urine?

No, female ejaculate originates form the skenes gland and although some small amounts of urine can be mixed in, female ejaculate is very different from just wetting yourself. So don’t be embarrassed about it, embrace your squirting and have fun.

Is female ejaculation real?

Yes! Between 10-54% of women when asked in studies say they have ejaculated. The number is so varied because the actual definition is contested but it is obvious that females have ejaculated so this form of orgasm exists.

Is female ejaculation the same as squirting?

Squirting is the more commonly used term for female ejaculation. Not every woman gushes or squirts a lot of fluid or over a long distance. The ejaculation can be very varied, just like with a man.

Can female ejaculation be self-taught?

Opinions vary. Some people say that it is connected to stimulating the G-spot (which others don’t believe exists) and that if you stimulate your G-spot you can ejaculate. If you want to try, use a finger to find your G-spot, a spongy/wrinkly almond sized spot on the top of the inside of the vagina. Hooking your finger in a ‘come hither’ motion is the best way to find it.

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