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Massage has many purposes and uses from medical to relaxation. It's a technique that has been used throughout the ages to make people feel better. Tantric massage is incredibly sensual and is used to make the whole body feel good. Tantric massage includes yoni (vulva) and Lingam (penis) massage for sexual pleasure but without a focus on orgasms. There is a connection in tantra between the giver and the receiver, which is very intimate. It is a sexual practice that can be given with a great level of expertise but is something you can do without any previous experience at all. Want to spoil a partner or feel you need some pampering? Tantric massage could be just the thing you need.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is an erotic massage that centres on sensual and sexual pleasure for the person receiving it. It involves touching the whole body, including the genitalia but isn't all about the orgasm. It aims to harness the sexual energy of the body to make the person feel good.

Can tantric massage help my marriage?

If you feel you need some time to connect to your other half or if you want to strengthen your intimacy, then tantric massage might help. It's something that needs plenty of time and a willingness to let go of everyday stress. However, it's just a technique. Concentrating on the exploration of your lover's body and their pleasure is a positive thing and could be used by anyone.

Why does tantric massage involve genital massage?

Tantric massage is erotic and uses the bodies own sexual energies in making it feel better. Genitalia is an essential part of our sexual selves and as such, are involved in tantric massage.

What should I expect from a tantric massage?

Tantric massages will follow a similar pattern, whether done by an expert of a beginner. They will start with gentle, introductory touches on hands and arms and limbs and continue onto other parts of the body - from the back to the front. The massage will eventually focus on the person's genitals. It won't be about orgasm and sexual pleasure per se, it will still be a massage which will stimulate the receiver sexually and may lead to orgasm or even multiple orgasms. At the end of a tantric massage, there will be a cool-down period when the touches get lighter and less intimate until the person is covered with a blanket and left to rest a little while to finish the process.

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    Human beings thrive on touch, and an erotic massage is a great way to make use of that. For dominant partners, it can be a way to pamper and spoil your sub - as a reward for good behaviour, perhaps, or as a way of comforting and looking after them when they've had a hard day. For submissives, it can be an act of devotion and adoring service to your dominant. Either way, it's intimate and sexy - and it can be a wonderful way to lead into something a little more mutual! Massage can also form a valuable part of aftercare, particularly if one partner has maintained a stressful or difficult position for any length of time.
    Tantric sex - an Indian practice originating from the writings of the Kama Sutra - is not usually associated with fetish or kink. In some ways it's almost its opposite: tantra focuses on gentle touch, slow movements and equal bonding. That doesn't mean that the ancient sexual arts have nothing to teach us, though! Time spent working on sensation and intimacy can do wonders for the bond between a dominant partner and their submissive, and who doesn't like the idea of achieving the fabled "hour-long orgasm"? If you're interested in a little exploration, it's worth seeking out a professional teacher. There's plenty of information available online, make sure to check out the yab yum position and the tantric chair. Finding a teacher who has learned the traditions in the traditional manner is however essential to really get the best results.
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