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Quickie, anyone?

Most people love a good quickie every now and then. They're like the drive-through version of fucking; a sudden, instinctive rush in a snatched moment. Maybe you're all ready to go out and you have to leave the house in ten minutes but think you're partner looks amazing dressed like that, or maybe you're sleeping with a colleague and notice that someone left the stationary cupboard unlocked - whatever the situation a quickie is every bit as quick as it sounds.

Many relationships benefit hugely from a bit of extra sex squeezed in like this, and a good quickie can leave you with some fantastically hot memories. Don't let them become the bread and butter of your sex life, though - sometimes it really pays to take a little more time over things!

What is a quickie?

Sex that takes very little time, often under a time constraint is known as a quickie. It’s the kind of sex you have when you’re just completely overtaken by lust and have to have your partner then and there.

Can I incorporate bondage into a quickie?

You’re not going to have time for elaborate rope ties but yes, you can restrain your partner for a quickie. There are rope techniques that get a person restrained quickly or you could use cuffs, just be sure to take time to check that the person bound isn’t hurting in a bad way and have your safe word in place before play.

Do you have to have penetrative sex during a quickie?

Not at all, you could just have a really hot make out session and it’d be a quickie. Kink it up with cuffs and blindfolds or talk dirty as you manually stimulate each other. Oral sex can be great too and if the submissive partner gives it to the Dominant partner, it can be a wonderful way to play with control and power dynamics too. Orgasm denial can be really powerful too, leave your partner thinking about you and the orgasm they may get later if they’re good.

Are quickies good for you?

They are a fantastic way to connect with your partner/s when you don’t have time for anything longer. A relationship can’t be built on quickies alone but they can be a real fun boost especially when you’re busy and can’t arrange long elaborate scenes. They keep the kinky connection alive.

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