Snowball, anyone?

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Snowballing is when one person passes on the cum from their mouth to another, increasing the spit and the 'snowball' effect. For some of the swappers (particularly those who choose to be sexually submissive) this can be a particularly erotic activity to take part in - and the other side of the equation gets to enjoy the sight of their partners loving being covered in their semen. Some people also enjoy participating in the swapping of their own ejaculate, which can be a fun thing to experiment with if the idea appeals to you!

What is snowballing?

When a person has ejaculated in another’s mouth and they kiss, swapping the cum from mouth to mouth, this is snowballing. It’s called that as the volume increases each time it’s passed back and forth.

Is snowballing just for gay and bisexual men?

The term was coined in the 1970s by gay men, but the practice can be enjoyed by people of all sexualities.

Why is snowballing so hot?

It is a very intimate act between two or more people, sharing the produce of orgasm. It can also show control from the dominant partner passing it to their sub and making them taste their own cum.

Does snowballing make me gay?

Tasting and swallowing ejaculate doesn’t necessarily make you gay. You might enjoy tasting your cum in a kiss from your partner but straight people like that too. Sexuality is fluid, so you identify the way you want to.

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