Lip Fetish

Big lips, thin lips - intimate and sensitive

Bite your lip...

Everyone has different erogenous zones, but the lips are pretty much universal. They're intimate, they're sensitive, and they're the site of many of our greatest romantic and erotic pleasures. The lips are not talked about as much or as often as legs, butts or tits, but it's well worth making an effort not to ignore them entirely.

Some people say that the reason people are so attracted to lips is that they look a little like labia - and that lipstick is so popular precisely because it enhances that effect. Whether this is true or not, there's no denying that many people are attracted to partners who play up this facial feature.

What is lip fetish?

Having a sexual attraction to lips, this fetish focuses in on the mouth which is a very sensual organ indeed.

Is having a lip fetish weird?

Some people see the word weird as a negative, but really it just means something is out of the ordinary – how is that a bad thing? A lip fetish is relatively unusual, making it weird in that sense but as long as it’s enhancing your sex life then it’s a positive thing. If you’re finding it a concern in your life then consult a medical professional.

I get turned on by someone applying lipstick, is this a fetish?

Because you’re turned on by someone putting lipstick on this is likely to be a lip fetish because it involves the lipstick being applied to the mouth. If you just get turned on by lipstick on it’s own, then the fetish is all about the lipstick. Either way, enjoy!

Is my lip fetish just about oral sex?

Only you can decide that. If your arousal is based on imaging a person’s lips around your cock or against your vulva, then maybe it is all about oral sex. But that’s not a bad thing.

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