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Smooth and sexy shaving fetish

Some people choose to shave because they just like the feeling of smooth skin, others do it out of practicality but if it turns you on to shave your own hair off or to shave someone else you’ve probably got a shaving fetish. It could be that it’s one particular part of the body you like to shave or see shaven, such as the genitals, head or chest or it might be that you love the shaved look all over. No matter what depilation floats your boat, if shaving floats your boat you’ve got a shaving fetish and that’s awesome!

Is shaving sexy? 

It certainly can be! If you love the feel of silky smooth skin, love the process of removing hair or simply just aren’t a fan of lots of hair then shaving is the way to go. Some people find it sexy, some don’t, some might even have a shaving fetish. That is up to you to decide.

Is it a shaving fetish if I don’t enjoy shaving everywhere but shave other parts?

If it’s sexy to you and an essential part of your kink, then whatever you shave, it’s a shaving fetish. You don’t have to love shaving every part of your body for it to count. Whatever area you like to shave, counts.

I fantasise about shaving another person’s head hair off, is that weird?

No it’s not at all weird. There’s a whole host of kinksters who have a specific head shaving fetish. As long as everything is consensual, there’s nothing wrong with finding head shaving sexy.

Is shaving regularly safe?

It is. Just be sure to take care of your skin. Make sure you use a product to make your skin slippy (shaving foam for example) to make the hair removal easier and moisturise the skin to avoid rashes and dry skin. There shouldn’t be any problem in shaving regularly. If your skin is sore or broken though, avoid shaving until it is healed.

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