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Eproctophilia, also known as fart fetish is when someone is attracted to the smell of another person’s farts. It’s most common in straight men who enjoy the smell and sound of their female partner’s flatulence. It’s a relatively rare fetish but that makes sense as most people are taught that farts are gross. Some fart fetishists enjoy it as an act of rebellion, enjoying that which is frowned upon in society. Others just enjoy it because they do and that is fine by us here at fetish.com. We might not all be blown away by fart fetish but if it’s your thing enjoy it to the full.

Is fart fetish just part of a scat fetish?

No, some people might have both but commonly they are very separate fetishes. Just as most farts don’t lead to poop, a fart fetish doesn’t lead to a love of scat.

Is fart fetish safe?

Yes it is, even the smelliest fart isn’t toxic. Just remember to be upfront and honest with someone about your fetish, it’s not fair to use other people to turn you on if they don’t know that is what you’re doing.

What can I do to produce the best farts?

You can try eating foods connected with producing gas such as cruciferous veg and pulses. Sweets with artificial sweeteners are also known to be good at helping you produce more gas. Fatty or fried food can do it too.

Is having a fart fetish normal?

Yes it is. It might not be common but people have all kinds of fetishes and that is perfectly okay. As long as you’re enjoying it and don’t find that it is negatively impacting your life it’s all good. If you feel it’s more of a burden on you than a joy then you should talk to a medical professional.

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