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Also known as sthenolagnia, muscle worship is when a submissive, generally smaller person adores someone who has a muscly frame – often body builders. All people of all genders indulge in muscle worship, but it is best known in the gay community. It is a branch of D/s where the Muscly person (known as a god or goddess) is Dominant to the submissive worshipper. There may or may not be an element of wrestling involved in the relationship, some muscle worshippers love to be physically dominated and wrestled by their God/goddess. Often it is just about the submissive partner (schmoe) pouring adoration on the goddess/god’s muscles.

What is muscle worship?

When one submissive (usually smaller) person kisses and caresses a Dominant partner’s muscles. This can happen between all different genders and sexualities.

What actions qualify as muscle worship?

Touching, licking, kissing, stroking and caressing are all ways to worship the muscles of a person with big muscles and are the most common actions involved.

What is in it for the person having their muscles worshipped?

The god or goddess gets the satisfaction of being adored by the schmoe/s (name for a muscle worshipper) and can also get a kick from being a Dominant over a submissive.

Is muscle worship always physical?

It mostly is, though sometimes it can be about verbally appreciating the muscles too. The physical levels can go from kissing and stroking the muscles, to the submissive worshipper being physically overwhelmed by the Dominant muscly partner. It’s all about what you’re most comfortable with.

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