Of course, you probably know that Fetish.com is the best place to find fellow kinksters who are into the same fetish fun as you. And, as we explain here, there are plenty of good reasons why you should pick a fetish dating website over a regular one for your kinky online dating


Get specific with your kinky online dating

With the prevalence of existing, well-established dating sites, you may question why you need to use a specialist one. It may be that you have a fetish for rubber, leather or PVC, enjoy domination or submission, or have a more specific fetish. Wherever your desires lie, there are several reasons why it's probably better to avoid the mainstream dating sites.

Firstly, some of these sites have a strict policy for what's permitted on your profile. Surprisingly, some of them are owned by very morally rigid, religiously motivated, entrepreneurs who consider that anything other than straight sex in the marital bed is tantamount to a grave sin. This means that if you suggest that you like being tied up, or tying people up, on your mainstream dating profile, you will be likely to be barred and your profile will be removed.

Secondly, even if your profile is accepted, you can find that there are trolls on mainstream dating sites who do not understand your particular fetish. They may consider that you're an easy target for abusive, sexualised comments and have a limited understanding of what fetish is all about. This isn't everyone’s experience of mainstream dating sites, and some fetishists have found their life partner on these sites, but there are several reasons why you might choose a kinky online dating site such as Fetish.com.


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Niche categories

Due to a large number of people on the site who share a fetish, you'll find that there may be several people who share even the most obscure and deviant predilection. If you have a balloon fetish, enjoy being a ponyboy or want a partner who is a switch, you should think about using a dedicated kinky online dating site such as Fetish.com, as it's hard to find an appropriate partner in mainstream dating.

When you're on a mainstream dating site, you constantly feel as if you're playing a game of having to justify your fetish. With a fetish site, there's no ambiguity as to what your particular fetish is. A good fetish dating site should seek to educate its readers about different types of fetish. They may also use videos and pictures to make sure that you know the latest facts and news about the fetish scene, which is continuously evolving. This ‘edutainment’ can keep people on the site informed, and less likely to misunderstand what fetish means. 


Make new friends

Another advantage of fetish dating sites is that you may develop friendships, as well as meeting people for dates, scenes and encounters. These online, and real-world, friendships, can be very intense and supportive. Friendships can even develop into real-world relationships and a reasonably large group of people who meet on a regular basis for parties or social meetings.

If you place an ad in your local newspaper or a little-known dating site, then you may find that you do not get the replies that you want. There are some sites for kinky online dating which have not been well established, or planned. These can have very few members and not have the social momentum to make sure that people can arrange dates.

Kinky online dating balloon fetish
Find others with a balloon fetish via kinky online dating.


No miscommunication but lots of fun

People misunderstand what is meant by fetish. They may have seen a television programme which implies that all people involved in the BDSM scene are somehow all sadists in real life, for example. Such stereotypes can lead to huge amounts of miscommunication, particularly online where you do not get to see nuances of body language. The advantage of a niche fetish dating site is that you know exactly why you're there, and you're sure that the other people dating are similar to yourself.

It's easy to get caught up in the serious reasons why fetish dating sites are used. However, let’s face it; the main reason why people use niche fetish dating sites is to have fun. It can be isolating to have a fetish and not to meet someone who shares the same desires as yourself. This is particularly the case if you live outside of a big city. A fetish dating site enables you to have some fun when you meet people and to explore aspects of your sexuality online.

Keeping it simple

The other reason why people use fetish dating sites is that they enjoy the simplicity. They don't want to get dressed up in expensive fetish wear and go to a pricey club. They'd rather stay at home and go online, saving the expense of dating for when they finally meet them in person. If they are educative, entertaining and have some ‘social momentum’, fetish dating sites such as Fetish.com are great places to meet a partner who enjoys your particular fetish. There are many online but choose carefully when you finally pick one. This could help you to find that fetishist of your dreams!

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What's your experience of kinky online dating? Have you had any luck with mainstream dating sites or do you prefer sites like Fetish.com? Share all in the Fetish.com forumBDSM Forum | Fetish.com

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