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Who doesn’t love balloons? They’re connected with all things celebratory. However, some people really love balloons. Balloon fetishists are known as looners, they tend to be split between poppers and non-poppers depending on if they like the balloons to pop or not.

If you get turned on by balloons being blown up, by sitting on them or rolling around on top of them or even if the pop of a balloon is orgasmic for you, you might well be a looner. There are many kinds of balloons and a million ways to have fun with them. Meet other looners who love them on today!

What is balloon fetish?

Receiving sexual pleasure from balloons, be that blowing them up, making them pop by over inflating or stamping on them or using them whilst masturbating and/or having sex. Balloon fetishists are called looners and are split between poppers and non-poppers with some people falling between the two being referred to as semi-poppers.

Why balloon fetish?

As with all kinks and fetishes, there are very personal reasons that people get turned on to them. With Looners (the general term for a person with a balloon fetish) it can often be traced back to an experience when they were growing up where balloons are connected to a strong sexual memory. It makes sense, we have balloons at so many celebrations. Sometimes the fetish is specifically connected to balloons, other times it’s associated with the popping of balloons. This can connect with other fetishes for people who like to see balloons stamped on or burst by a cigarette or long nails.

How do looners develop a balloon fetish?

When a person finds themselves sexually excited by balloons, they will then work out ways to employ balloons in their masturbation and sex with partners. This will include investing in some latex balloons, as the type you can pick up at the local supermarket are not very durable. Once you have picked out your favourite kind of balloon, it’s up to you to decide how to have your fun. Be careful, it might be easy to think balloon play is safe, but always take precautions when popping balloons especially to protect ears and eyes and not to get bits of balloon in your mouth to avoid the risk of choking.

I enjoy popping balloons is that okay?

Of course! If popping balloons gets you off, it’s all good. Be safe though, protect your eyes and ears, especially if you’re popping your balloons by over-inflating them. And be careful to avoid injury if you’re bursting balloons by bouncing on them. Some people have a phobia of balloons bursting, so if you’re doing this in a public play space, it would be good to check with those around that they’re okay with it. Looners tend to be either poppers (who enjoy popping balloons) or non-poppers. You do what makes you happy!

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