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We’ve all seen hypnosis on the TV, from getting people to cluck like chickens to the classic ‘You’re feeling sleepy’ line, there’s a lot of preconceptions around the subject. Erotic hypnosis gets tarred with this brush but it’s actually about suggestion and not making anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

Working with a person in a suggestive state, Erotic hypnosis (also known as hypno fetish) can be the ultimate in power exchange. Bring your submissive to orgasm with a simple word or gentle touch, now that’s control for you.

What is erotic hypnosis?

Is the process of being aroused (or arousing someone) when they’re in a suggestive state and can be known as hypno fetish. It isn’t mind control, the person being hypnotised is still able to say no if they want to, it is like a guided meditation where the end result is sexual arousal and orgasm without physical manipulation.

How does erotic hypnosis work?

It works in the same way other hypnosis does. It puts the person receiving the hypnosis isn’t a suggestive state, the conscious mind is quietened so the sub-conscious can be worked on. It doesn’t work for everyone, it can need a very strong bond of trust for it to work at all. If you’re very cynical it might not work, if you have a vivid imagination it might. It all depends on your state of mind, really. If you identify as having a hypno fetish you are more likely to feel the effects.

Can erotic hypnosis make you orgasm hands free?

The short answer is yes! Many people have claimed to come from erotic hypnosis. After all, orgasms are triggered in the brain so if the brain is stimulated, orgasm can be achieved without any genital touching at all, especially if the person has a hypno fetish.

How does erotic hypnosis work in a BDSM relationship?

The hypnotist is in control in a hypno fetish scene. They dictate what’s happening and control the person in the suggestive state. All pre-arranged of course and with consent. The hypnotist can make the submissive person feel like they’re restrained, command them to orgasm and have all kinds of fun without having to lift a finger. The mind is the biggest sex organ, they say, so being given permission to stimulate a submissive’s brain can be a massive turn on for a dominant.

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