Endytophilia. Is staying dressed sexy?

You don’t always need to get naked to have fun

Clothing is often the focus of fetishes, but it’s usually a specific kind, e.g. bikinis, latex, or velvet. Endytophilia however, isn’t focused on a clothing item or its material. Simply put; clothing is kept on during sex. Getting naked is often code for sex, but you don’t need to be naked to have fun, in fact keeping clothes on can be a real turn on and who hasn’t been so eager to fuck they’ve not bothered with the disrobing first? Use your imagination, and you can get it on anywhere without needing to mess around taking off your clothes!

What is endytophilia?

Endytophilia is a fetish for people who stay clothed or partially clothed during sex. It can be an attraction to another person wearing clothes, or it can be that you enjoy keeping on your clothes while having sex.

My partner wants me to keep my clothes on. Why?

The only way to find out for sure is to ask them why. However, it could be that they have a clothed sex fetish and find it a turn on during sex. While many people are turned on by seeing lovers naked, people with endytophilia get more arousal from keeping the clothes involved.

Is it OK to have a clothed sex fetish?

Yes, it’s OK to be into endytophilia. It’s always good to be open with your partners, let them know why you love to leave clothes on or want them to keep clothed during sex. It could be worrying for someone with low self-esteem to be asked to keep their clothes on, and you don’t want your loved ones worrying! However, if you feel concerned about your fetish, you should contact a medical professional and talk it through.

How can I include my partner’s fetish in our kinky play?

You could spend time getting you and your partner/s dressed, starting naked and adding clothes to ramp up the sexual tension. You can keep clothes on for spankings, by pulling up skirts or pulling-down trousers to access flesh. You can also use clothing to keep your partner restrained by using ties and scarves.

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