Attracted to intelligence?

What does it mean to be Sapiosexual?

Attracted to intelligence? You may be sapiosexual if intelligence is the top of your list of attractive features to have in a partner. It’s not that a sapiosexual doesn’t find other aspects of a person attractive, it’s just that they value intelligence above all else. They’re turned on by feats of brain, not brawn and look for cleverness in any potential sexual partner. They’re attracted to smart people, and not a smart suit. The word sapiosexual has only existed since 2008 but being attracted to brainy people has been a thing though out history. It’s all about engaging the brain as well as stimulating other body parts. You can find other intellectuals on the forums at

What is sapiosexual? 

If a person identifies as sapiosexual they are attracted to intelligence above everything else when it comes to sexual attraction. They may find different aspects of a person’s body or personality appealing but being attracted to intelligence is integral to turning them on. They may well incorporate this into their sexual play by having a long, involved discussion or listening to their partner read out a part of their work or research or by engaging in an intellectual debate.

How do I know if I'm sapiosexual?

If cleverness turns you on, if intelligence makes you weak at the knees, then you may well be. Sapiosexual people find intelligence sexy. Have you ever listened to someone explaining some complex idea and found yourself turned on? Then you could be sapiosexual if you choose to identify that way. Of course, it’s up to you to make the final decision and even if this rings true, you might choose to identify in a different way.

How can I find someone that's attracted to intelligence?

Ask nicely and if they say yes, away you go! However, sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence. If you are really interested, maybe you’re one yourself and really want to share your fetish with someone who feels the same way. So swot up. Do your research and show off your knowledge. You have an advantage in knowing what turns you on, so display that behaviour to others. You could hook up with a fellow sapiosexual on by adding it to your fetish list or create a personal ad that appeals to those seeking intelligence.

What is does it mean to be sapiosexual?

A fetish is when you have a strong sexual attraction to something or a particular action. When a person identifies as sapiosexual they are saying that they’re attracted to intelligence. Not just casually but as something that is incredibly important to them. It might not be an object or a specific sex act that turns them on but this definitely counts as a fetish as they’re not interested in a person who doesn’t have a certain level of IQ.

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