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Glasses are often used to emphasise specific characteristics of characters in films and books. You've got the thick-framed geek classes, the sleek ones the librarian slips down their nose to look at you and many more. Glasses are associated with intelligence and mystery. Hey, no one realised that Clark Kent was Superman and that it was all down to the glasses he wore! Spectacular spectacles capture the imagination and bring all kinds of sexy seduction to role play and kinky adventures. Headteachers, naughty pupils, secretaries, doctors and nurses – all sorts of sexy role play can be accentuated with glasses. If you love glasses, might have a fetish for them!

What is glasses fetish?

Glasses fetish is when someone finds glasses sexually arousing on another person or themselves.

Why do I have a thing for people in glasses?

If it's always people in glasses, maybe you have a glasses fetish? Do you find them less sexy when they're not wearing their specs, or do you find it more arousing when they do particular actions with those glasses? Like looking over the rims or pushing them up on their nose, or perhaps nibbling the end of an arm? If not, it might just be a coincidence, but either way, as long as everyone's consenting, it's all good.

I get turned on by putting on glasses, is this normal?

It might not be something many people experience, for most, putting on their glasses is just something they do. However, there's nothing wrong with being aroused by the act of wearing glasses, you're likely to have a glasses fetish, and as long as you're enjoying it and don't feel worried about your fetish, then it's perfectly OK. If you're concerned about it, though, it's worth talking to a medical professional.

Is it safe to wear glasses if you don't need to?

It's OK to wear decorative glasses, ones with plain lenses that don't have a prescription to them. It can be dangerous to wear prescription glasses that aren't your own as you might be doing damage to your eyes by straining them. So as long as you keep to fashion glasses, it's fine. You don't want to damage your eyes with your glasses fetish though!

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